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June 2021

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ at WLA!

As one of your missionaries, it’s my personal joy and privilege to provide you with this update on our family and ministry.

The following video has been specially prepared for you and can be freely shared in whatever ways are most suitable for your congregants.

What’s new with The Cross Current?

CLICK HERE to download our most recent ministry newsletter.

How can you support our family and ministry?

As one of your missionaries, I invite you to pray, give, and go with our family and ministry, as follows:


Please pray for God’s protection and provision over all aspects of our work for Him.

For more consistent and personal prayer contact, we would also appreciate you CLICKING HERE and submitting your contact information to receive our missionary “Prayer Pack” and monthly prayer requests.


We have lost financial support through COVID.

If the Lord is leading you to personally start partnering in the gospel with our family and ministry, CLICK HERE to access all of your tax-deductible giving options.

Note: monthly support in any amount is best for stabilizing our ongoing ministry.


In addition to the other many ways we are serving Christians and their churches, here are the newest gospel ministry services for you to enjoy as a partner church with us:

    • Biblical Conversations Curriculum
    • As a member of PBC, a gospel missions partner church with The Cross Current, we would love to offer you full and free access to our new online Biblical Conversations Curriculum.
    • CLICK HERE to watch the info video on the curriculum homepage.
    • If personally accessing this online training is of interest, simply email Dawn at [email protected] to request your own partner profile login today.
    • Gospel Health Report
    • This is a free church discipleship resource that provides leaders and members with their own health diagnosis in several critical categories related to gospel ministry.
    • CLICK HERE to watch the informational/instructional video on our Gospel Health Report homepage.
    • Young Adults Gospel Media Ministry
    • GO Teams Media is a “ground-breaking” gospel media ministry of young adults connecting church and culture in gospel conversation around news and current events that matter most.
    • CLICK HERE to watch the promo video on our GO Teams Media homepage.
    • The Equipping Evangelist Podcast
    • This is an intensely practical audio/video podcast just launched this past April to share my personal experience and expertise for equipping entire churches for evangelism together.
    • CLICK HERE to listen to and watch the audio/video podcast on The Equipping Evangelist official website.

How can I personally help?

Finally, feel free to reach out to me personally at [email protected] if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way.

On behalf of our family and ministry, I again thank God for you and your partnership in His gospel!

Because Canada needs Christ,