Last month The Cross Current rolled out a brand new one-day intensive training seminar called “Being Biblical Witnesses” that was delivered at Maple City Baptist Church in Chatham, Ontario. <full story>

Here are a couple more encouraging training testimonies from that day:

Tara says:
I found the training done by TCC to be just what I needed! I am a stay at home mom of four young children and I don’t often get the opportunity to share my faith very often. Because of this, I think I have less confidence in this area (and probably share it less often than I should). The training reminded me of my responsibility to be a witness for Christ, even if I don’t have the gift of evangelism. I also really appreciated how he was able (for the most part) to keep the training easy to follow and to understand. By the time his teaching was done, I felt more equipped, not just because of the new training I received, but because of his encouragement that as we are obedient in this area, the Holy Spirit will work in hearts and empower our words! I don’t need to know everything, I just need to be faithful to God and present his plan of salvation clearly. My job might be the sower, or the waterer, but one way or another, God will give the increase! I thought the training was very well done and I am glad I came!

Dan says:

Cory McKenna and The Cross Current evangelistic ministry was introduced to my church by a mutual friend a number of months ago. Upon meeting Cory, his fervor for evangelism and his passion to see God glorified was immediately apparent. Our church asked him to provide a day-long training seminar and we are so glad we did; the Holy Spirit worked through Cory to remind us once again of the need for evangelism and the responsibility we as the body of Christ have to be witnesses to all people. His practical training not only helped make us aware of opportunities we have to share the gospel, but also provided some practical tools to help us defend our faith (without requiring a PhD!). I appreciated the emphasis on both confidence and compassion in this ministry. Cory’s training will embolden your witness while simultaneously teach you to approach people in a way that is not unnecessarily offensive. For our church, the result was a greater desire to be a part of the work of the Great Commission – both in seeing converts and training disciples for the glory of God. As a pastor, I am so glad we had the opportunity to have Cory come and for the impact his ministry has had on me personally and on our church as a whole.

We thank God for these new partnerships in the Gospel He is forming!