The Via Dolorosa (Latin for “Way of Suffering”) is a street within the Old City of Jerusalem held to be the path that Jesus walked, carrying His cross on the way to his crucifixion. This week we are inviting to carry your own cross and walk this way with us – to the Cross of Good Friday and beyond to the empty tomb of Resurrection Sunday.

My home church is leveraging the use of media to help prepare the hearts and minds of our congregants to personally identify with the scandal of the Cross and celebration of the Christ this week. This journey will integrate various Scripture readings, prayer points, and links to various web resources for additional insights, teaching, and worship.

We invite you to walk this walk with us here this week…starting today.

Scripture:  Leviticus 16 – Day of Atonement description (one day each year for Israel)

Prayer: Understanding of how God views sin and why He established such elaborate and bloody requirements for Israel.


  • Please invite family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, and even strangers to church this week.
  • Be bold, be gracious and invite.  Ideally each of us are sharing the gospel with those God brings into our life but if you are struggling with this at least you can invite them to church and Easter is a great time as people are very open to attending an Easter service if invited. We want to see more people come to know him.  More people walking in newness of life.
  • CLICK HERE for an audio clip on the devastating effects of sin and the sacrifice of Christ
  • CLICK HERE to witness what it was like
  • CLICK HERE for a family Conversation Starter about the Easter Story

~ Cory