Just in case you missed it, our last blog posting brought a detailed field report about our Gospel outreach mission to Super Bowl XLVI, as 110 seed sowers invaded the streets of Indianapolis, Indiana (CLICK HERE to read all about it!).

As part of TCC’s mission with the Body of Christ is producing outreach broadcasts and podcasts, you can probably imagine the overwhelming volume of audio and video that was captured onsite at this event!

As we now take on the intense and immense task of preparing the raw media content for sharing here online, I will do my best to post fresh footage from  Super Bowl Outreach 2012 over the coming weeks and months Рso keep checking back!

Pastor Dustin Segers of Greensboro, North Carolina preaches the Gospel open air at SBO 2012!

This pictorial collage will give you a glimpse of the great things that God did for His glory in and through our street witnessing team at this event!

We trust that these latest and greatest encounters in evangelism will encourage and equip you to be a more faithful and fruitful witness for Jesus Christ!

~ Cory