Do you REALLY want to be scared? If so, keep reading…and start listening!

Halloween is a holiday celebrated by millions of people every year as a fun time for costumed kiddies to knock on neighborhood doors in search of candy. Most see it is as nothing more than harmless fun, but is it possible there is more to “All Hallows Eve” than meets the eye?

In this spooky series of TCC Radio we turn over every tombstone to unmask what truly might be lurking in the shadows of Halloween.

Part 1: Unmasking Halloween’s History

Why is it that scary movies scare us? Why does the sight of blood, ghosts, and skeletons frighten us so? Might there be some sort of threat that we’re instinctively reacting to that goes beyond what we can rationalize with our minds? Well, to find answers to these questions and many more, we are going to get historical – not “hysterical” – historical about Halloween’s pagan past.


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