Wow!!!  What a year it has been out in the streets of London, Ontario.  Our gracious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has been mighty to bring labourers and  people that are lost to intersect each and every Friday night this whole year long.  Harvest Bible Chapel – London  has really stepped up and provided many, many new evangelists who both demonstrate a burden for the lost and gifting to “get on the box” and open air preach.  It has been a pleasure to minister with and equip the saints on a very regular basis. 

A typical Friday outing looks something like this…….we always gather for a time of prayer.  Once meeting downtown we break into groups of 2-3 and make our way around several blocks of the city with the intention of having conversations with those the Lord is drawing.  In season and out of season – we are always going to share the biblical gospel with the people we encounter. 

Being in Canada, we have one particular long season…Winter!  The Lord has blessed us with the wonderful game of hockey and a team in  London who draw 8-10,000 people to their home games.  Why do bring this up?  After each game we are blessed with a mobile cogregation that flows out of the arena over a 30-40 minute period and it is the perfect place to herald the Gospel in the Open Air.  There isn’t Church in all of London that has a group that large.  I assure you our team does it’s best to make sure people are thinking about their own eternity.

I remind you that no matter the time of year and even as the weather turns bone chilling cold….there is a warmth that can only come from being allowed to preach the glorious good news to a group of people.  If you love the Lord and are being prompted to share your faith – take two hours on a Friday night and join us.  I promise your life will change in a way you never knew – except by power of the living God. 

Happy fishing,