“Presuppositional Apologetics”. Heard of it? If you haven’t….you need to!

I know that I speak on behalf of the entire TCC preaching team when I say that we thank God for the ministry of our good friend, Sye Ten Bruggencate of Absolute Apologetics. CLICK HERE to access out Sye’s special training on TCC TV Vimeo channel.

A month ago we stepped out in faith to co-lead a team of apologetic preachers with Sye and Harvest Bible Chapel London to begin defending and confirming the Gospel at the edge of the campus of our local university campus, the University of Western Ontario. Suffice to say, God’s great grace has been upon this new outreach since sermon one!

Below is a short video clip of “presuppositional” preaching in action. While our objective is ALWAYS to preach the Gospel, as it is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believers (Romans 1:16), defending the hope of Christ that’s in us requires at least a basic biblical understanding of this form of reasoned argumentation.

While Cory is still very much a “presuppositional preacher in training”, we trust that the Lord will use this encounter in evangelism to encourage and equip you and your church to “go” and preach the Gospel…while there’s still time.