The Cross Current Radio Show (TCC Radio) airs real Gospel conversations that God allows our outreach radio reps to experience with Christian and non-Christian Canadians.

The following information will give you the bottom line on the many ways we can add value to the vision of your radio station.

What is TCC Radio?

TCC Radio is the outreach broadcast and podcast of The Cross Current local missions ministry.

This “reality radio” program equips the Church to engage the culture by airing Gospel conversations recorded between average Canadians and our outreach radio reps on the street.

What makes TCC Radio different?

TCC Radio is the only street-level spoken word program that is specifically designed to connect Christians in conversation with non-Christians, sow the seed of the Gospel, tackle the toughest questions, and lead the culture to the Church.

Further, TCC Radio will help bring your station more balanced programming by CRTC standards due to the fact that our “spiritual speakers’ corner” format invites diverse cultural exchange between average Canadians, irrespective of gender, race, or religious affiliation.

Why should I broadcast TCC Radio on my station?

Unify and equip your local churches in the Gospel. Each week TCC leads witnessing teams from various local churches to the streets sharing the Gospel, praying for people, and ministering to their needs. The training and exposure we offer in connection with TCC Radio unifies the Church in the Gospel and allows local churches to fully benefit from our experience in the local mission field.

Expand your listenership to non-Christians. TCC Radio facilitates a relational and relevant way for Christians to invite their non-Christian contacts to tune in to hear the timeless and life-transforming truth of God’s Word. This evangelism program will also help you “keep the Cross current in your culture” by equipping Christians for more effective life and ministry.

Canadian content. Canada needs Christ! We praise God for overseas missionaries, but as we look across our own communities and country, there is also much missions work to be done locally for the Lord right here at home. TCC Radio is exclusively Canadian and equips the Church in Canada to preach the Gospel within our increasingly complex cultural context.

How soon can I begin playing TCC Radio on our station?

Immediately! Your station simply receives a username and password for our FTP server to download the program each week. There are also a multitude of previously produced episodes available for airplay right away.

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