Click below to hear the church Gospel partnership commercial as currently running on the TCC Radio broadcast and podcast in areas where a partner church has not yet been established.

The Cross Current and TCC Radio are praying for the Lord to align us with like-minded partner churches with whom to faithfully share the Good News and broadcast outreach radio in your area. Could that be your church?

In addition to equipping you by example to evangelize both loved ones and strangers, TCC can help your local church gain maximum ministry exposure with both Christians and non-Christians in your community through promoting your church on TCC Radio.

As the mission of our ministry is the local church, this page has been prayerfully prepared with hope that your church and TCC Radio may unify in this Gospel broadcast partnership.

What is TCC Radio?

TCC Radio is the outreach broadcast and podcast of The Cross Current local missions ministry.

This “reality radio” program equips the Church to engage the culture by airing Gospel conversations recorded between average Canadians and our radio reps on the street.

What makes TCC Radio different?

TCC Radio is the only street-level spoken word program that is specifically designed to connect Christians in conversation with non-Christians, sow the seed of the Gospel, tackle the toughest questions, and lead the culture to the church.

Why should your church partner with TCC Radio?

Equip the church, engage the culture. Not only will ongoing involvement in our outreach radio broadcast multiply your ministry of evangelism church-wide, but it will also catalyze more widespread seed sowing and further expand your listenership to non-Christians.

Unify in the Gospel. The training and exposure we offer in connection with TCC Radio will further unify you church in the Gospel and allow you and your entire church to fully benefit from our experience in the local mission field.

Talk to the “tough nuts”. As a “spiritual speakers corner broadcast and podcast”, TCC Radio equips evangelists with personal training and disarming hot topic/current event conversation scripts. This helps your church start conversations and share the Gospel with those who are typically more challenging to engage.

Be Christ’s Witnesses Together. TCC Radio also facilitates a uniquely relational and engaging way for all those in your church to use the hot topics covered on the program as conversational springboards toward sharing Christ with their non-Christian family and friends.

Might your church be interested in pursuing a Gospel partnership with The Cross Current and TCC Radio?

Please have a church elder or pastor complete the contact form below and we will be in touch to clarify our mutual commitments and to explore the possibility of Gospel partnership.

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