Wow! Can I type that again? Wow! What a glorious weekend of witnessing for the Lord in Niagara Falls this past Saturday!

I am posting this brief message to express my love and appreciation for all pastors, prayer warriors, and the evangelism leaders and their teams who enlisted and completed the most groundbreaking Gospel outreach mission in TCC history!

Close to 70 seed sowers on Clifton Hill at the same time? To my knowledge, Niagara Falls has never been hit with such a colossal and concentrated barrage of Christian ministry. And we praise the Lord that He prepared the way by removing all and any resistance to the Gospel being preached! He is truly a good and gracious God.

Right: Randy Scott (right) sharing the Gospel one-to-one with a vacationer on Clifton Hill

We will be sharing a more detailed field report in our upcoming July newsletter, but in the meantime, here are just a couple testimonies that have come in since last Saturday:

The trip to Niagara Falls with The Cross Current was absolutely incredible! After seeing how the day went and the encouragement our team received, our team has pushed itself in a couple of ways. Now that our team has the confidence that they can go out on the street and share the gospel, we will be starting to go out on the streets of Muskoka, on a regular basis. 

Left: Andrew Stevenson (left) shares the Gospel with a young man in Niagara Falls

Also, I was personally challenged to spend more time equipping the men and women in our church to share the gospel in their personal lives and on the street. ~ Andrew Stevenson (First-time Extreme Team Mission Participant)

Witnessing on the street, let alone Niagara Falls is the most amazing experience you could be part of. Not only for the support, love, and encouragement from fellow believers in the Church Body, but most of all to see God moving in the city and through the individuals. Something I was so ‘afraid or reserved’ in doing, was one of the most exciting, and humbling experiences I have been involved with.

Right: Ashley Dew “breaks the sound barrier” by preaching the Gospel open air for the very first time

Thanks to the leadership and guidance from the attending veterans, and I am so excited to learn with them, and grow and stretch in my walk with the Lord through many more of these “Extreme” events and Friday nights in my hometown. ~ Ashley Dew (First-time Extreme Team Mission Participant)

Left: Two Muslim women read a Gospel tract sharing the truth about “Prophet Isa”; i.e. Jesus Christ.

On behalf of the entire leadership team of The Cross Current, we thank God for all those who unified together in the Gospel to make our first Niagara Falls Extreme Team Mission of 2012 possible! Also, a very special thanks to Harvest Bible Chapel Niagara for serving as our partner church for this outreach event.

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For His Glory,