The second Niagara Extreme Mission Team of 2012

Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest” (Matt. 9:37).

We praise the Lord that He answered our prayer this past weekend as more than 18 seed sowers hit the streets of Clifton Hill to partner together for our our second Extreme Team Mission to Niagara Falls of this summer. And, after all, what better time of year to labour for the Lord than Labour Day weekend?

Left: “Open Air Extraordinaire” award winner, Kristine Gabriel, steps up onto the box for the very first time

Throughout our seven hours of street witnessing together, thousands of tracts were passed and we also enjoyed hundreds of one-to-one Gospel conversations! However, while we thank God for all those seeds sown, never before have we ever had such a powerful display of obedience on behalf of our participants specifically in the area of open air preaching.

Not only did almost everyone on our entire team preach the Gospel open air, but four of those were candidates for the title: “TCC Open Air Extraordinaire”!

Right: Becca Fraser pleads with passerby’s as she preaches the Gospel open air for the first time

The TCC Open Air Extraordinaire award is presented at each Extreme Team Mission to the new open air preacher who demonstrates the greatest faithfulness and boldness while standing on the box for the very first time. Suffice to say, choosing the award winner for this event was the most difficult in TCC history!

Though the “official” Open Air Extraordinaire award was presented to Kristine Gabriel, it was really a “4-way tie” of faithfulness between Kristine, her father Aldo, Becca Fraser, and senior TCC Rep, Tom Briggs.

Left: TCC Rep and senior team leader, Tom Briggs, “stoplight preaching” for the first time at the Niagara Extreme Team Mission

A very special thanks to the evangelists from Harvest Bible Chapel Niagara and Harvest Bible Chapel Oakville for joining the team as well. It was a privilege and an honour to fight on the frontlines for the Lord with you all!

In closing, make sure to bookmark our online ministry calendar to take advantage of all the evangelism training opportunities with The Cross Current!

In Christ,



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