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Biblical Evangelism | Part 1 of 4

Christians all want our lost loved ones saved, but how can we help them see clearly why Jesus has to be the only way? In this “groundbreaking” Gospel series, we follow in the footsteps of Jesus Himself to help Christians build a rock-solid foundation for Biblical evangelism ...

"It’s All Good!" | Part 4 of 4

Part 4: Up To No Good How is it possible for a supposed Atheist to say they are a “very good person” without having an objective standard for what “good” is? If morality is merely “common sense”, where does that “common sense” come from to make it “common”? In this Gospel conversation, our TCC radio rep corrects with gentleness to prove that all people are absolutely “up to no good” compared to the one true God. Series synopsis and trailer

It’s All Good – Part 1

“It’s all good” is a common contemporary phrase synonymous with saying: “chill out”. However, the biblical necessity of being “all good” by God’s standard should cause all sinners great concern in light of eternity! God is good. This ultimate truth is wonderfully good news for some but terribly bad news for others – it really depends on where each individual is personally standing today in relation to God. Further, most people know that God is good. But, as sinners, most people do not know that God’s goodness is our greatest problem! If only God is “all good”, how can He not punish people for being bad? In this series, we’re taking you in the studio and on the street with our outreach radio team to preach and teach the truth of God’s goodness. In this Part 1… Can someone be bad in their thoughts yet still good in their community? Hear how our TCC Radio […]