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Have you read about D.L. Moody’s inspiring commitment to live a life of everyday evangelism? I encourage you to read all about it on my friend Steve Sanchez’ blog here.

I have made a personal pact to live a life of everyday evangelism. Not only have I committed this to the Lord, but I also figure that the more people I tell, the more likely I’ll keep my promise! So please feel free to email me any day to ask who heard the Gospel from me – just as long as I can return the favor!:) My personal goal is to pass at least one tract every day, verbally share the Gospel every day, and to preach the Gospel open air every week.

A Problem of Pride?

When I first began walking this daily walk, I had deep concerns that being able to tell people that I preach the Gospel that often just might make me prideful. After all, considering the fact that only about 2% of professing Christians share their faith on any regular basis at all, you can probably understand my concerns! (In fact, it sort of sounds like I’m becoming prideful now!:) However, by God’s grace, my heart’s response to this daily discipline has been totally opposite to what I had expected.

Increased Intimacy with Christ!

As difficult as it is to fully explain, it’s been my experience that the more frequently I tell others about the Christ I love and live for, the greater the personal intimacy I am enjoying with Him. Though I hesitate to call it God’s favor in response to my obedience, I would say that the more I talk about Him with others and give Him glory for all He has done, the more I know Him and love Him.

For example, recently I served alongside the Gospel Outreach “GO” Team of Harvest Bible Chapel at a men’s mission in our hometown of London, Ontario. Just before we started the church service, I enjoyed a great Gospel conversation with a young man named Ryan who was in desperate need of salvation and ministry for his drug addiction.

After being obedient to preach the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ (biblically as He commanded), the Holy Spirit then opened the door for me to testify to Ryan about the Lord’s power to transform a heart and life – mine (see my “before Christ” pic to the left and my “after Christ” Christ pic at the bottom of this posting if you don’t believe in God’s power to save and change)! Ryan had never heard the Gospel before, but I believe that the Lord was making it make sense to him – and he really related to my testimony too. I gave him my card and will continue to pray that the Lord will grant Ryan repentance.

My point is sharing this short story is to encourage you to be make every day count in 2012 by being more faithful to share Christ. Not only will it bring Him the glory He alone deserves…not only will another lost sinner hear about the Savior…but YOU will again hear from your own mouth the truth of God’s grace in your own life and how He has been faithful to bring you from death to life Christ through the imperishable seed of the very Word that you are preaching to another! How can that not lead to a greater and growing love for our precious Lord?

~ Cory

Cory McKenna is founder of The Cross Current and host of TCC Radio & TCC TV

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