Ever wondered what a street preacher’s birthday cake looks like? Well, look no further!

Special thanks to my lovely wife, Dawn, and our two boys, Joshua and Caleb, for their hard work and creativity in putting this cake together for my birthday last week.

Pictured is a Lego open air preacher complete with box, bullhorn, Bible, and a “tract pack”!

This little “open air extraordinaire” has even drawn a comfortable crowd of us four and no more! (Any guesses as who is going to be the heckler?:)

I especially appreciated how they were so considerate of my safety that they strategically positioned me across the street from that cowboy and his dog!

In closing, I am truly humbled by how the Lord is even causing my children to prioritize preaching the Gospel in cute and creative ways.

Perhaps leading by example brings more practical blessings than we all realize?

In Christ,

~ Cory