Glad Tidings from The Cross Current!

We are now approaching nine years of faithfully “going” with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets, churches, and homes in Canada. By God’s grace and through many prayers and donations, 6 radio stations now play our weekly outreach program and churches continue to be equipped to regularly share the Gospel with family and friends.

We trust you will be encouraged by this recent testimony from a faithful listener in Trenton, Ontario:

The Cross Current, with it’s simple but powerful approach and apologetic (as well as the myriad of resources made freely available on the website) makes witnessing to one’s community accessible, and provides the simple tools and encouragement necessary to move the church to action. And not only is it helpful and encouraging, but it is also engaging to listen to! Thank you for your ministry in equipping the saints to boldly obey the commission we’ve been graciously given. May God continue to bless it richly! ~ Aaron Cromwell, Trenton Baptist Church

We know that there are pastors and other Christians across Canada who are praying for help with evangelism. That’s why the Lord is leading The Cross Current to Gospel Expansion through “Airing & Sharing” in 2016. Our goal is to air our outreach radio program on every Christian radio station in Canada, beginning this year by expanding across Ontario, and to equip more Christians and their churches to normalize sharing the Gospel – because Canada needs Christ!

We understand that there are many worthy ministries that deserve your support. Would you please prayerfully consider giving financially to The Cross Current?

This can be done easily by becoming a ‘Cross Carrier’ (monthly donation of $25) using our monthly debit plan. As always, any monthly or one-time gifts of any amount would be received with joy and are tax receipted. To get started, simply CLICK HERE to securely set up your most suitable giving option. Please know that adding only 10 more donors giving just $25/month each will provide stability for this new vision, while still enabling us to continue meeting our current outreach ministry commitments.

If you agree that Canada needs Christ, please take just 5 minutes to GO HERE and listen to an urgent and informative appeal about this exciting outreach opportunity.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement over the last few years and we trust you and your family will enjoy a blessed Christmas, rejoicing and giving thanks for God’s most awesome gift; His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dec2015_TeamPrayerCardPlease CLICK HERE to download and print a TCC team Christmas card for placing on your fridge. Thank you for in advance for remembering to diligently pray for God’s great grace to rest on all aspects of our marriages, families, and ministry for Him!

Also, CLICK HERE to download and print a free Christmas Gospel tract from our many online resources as you share the good news of great joy with all the lost in your life this season!


MP3ICONFinally, CLICK HERE and take just 5 minutes to listen to a personal message from Cory McKenna sharing the true meaning of Christmas…and then pass it along for someone else to hear!


For His Glory,


Cory McKenna with the entire TCC team