Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” ~ John 3:5

Seventeen years ago today, I was re-born of the Spirit of God by repenting of my sins and putting my faith in Jesus Christ alone to save me! I passed from death to life…from darkness to light…into Eternal Life with my Savior and my Lord.

Left: A picture of this sculpture called “Born Again” is on the wall of my office at church. Can you figure out what the sculptor is creatively representing?

Here is a snapshot of my personal testimony of salvation…

It has been said, “A calm sea has never made a skillful sailor”.  Having been born and raised on the east coast, this old adage appropriately illustrates my voyage with Christ before, during and after several of the most significant personal storms of my life.

I was raised in a home very much rooted in “religion” rather than a living relationship with the one, true and living God. And although I deeply love both of my parents and truly believe that they did their very best with the spiritual knowledge that they had, my only exposure to a real born again Christian was our neighbor, Greg Sullivan. 

Throughout my school years, I became a tenacious achiever with a determination to win rather than lose and natural instinct to lead rather than follow.   Although this intense ambition was often mistaken as perfectionism the performance accolades I earned from both competitive sports and academics would set the stage for my new-found career as an independent singer/songwriter.

Right: Can you guess the identity of this long-haired beauty? Hint: He was a dead man before March 19th, 1995!

Just as our band was beginning to receive attention from the music industry, I set sail into my first storm with the news that Greg “the Christian” Sullivan was killed in a motorcycle accident at the age of 33.

The “celebration of life” for Greg was A LOT different than the Catholic funerals to which I had grown accustomed.  The Pastor told a true story that would forever change my life of an Olympic diver who had earned everything the world had to offer, yet was intensely scared to die.

Overcome by despair one night, he went alone to the pool and after stepping up to the high diving board, noticed that his stance cast a silhouette on the wall in front of him in the shape of a cross. It was then that all those years of church sermons came rushing back and, for the very first time, he was confronted by his own wicked sinfulness in light of God’s perfect holiness. As God granted him repentance and faith by His Spirit, he came back down by the waters edge and gave his life to Christ.

The very next morning he again walked by the swimming pool and chose to look into the water to behold the Christ-wrought countenance of his new reflection. However, looking closer towards the water he noticed that the pool had been completely drained for maintenance the night before and the height of the potential dive would have surely killed him! 

The Lord used this testimony to bring me to a church of believers where I received Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord on March 19th, 1995. 

Though there have been many more chapters of my life written by the Lord’s hand (and I hope there to be many more), I am deeply thankful for the story that He continues to write by His sovereign grace.

If you don’t already, I encourage you to celebrate your “RE-Birthday” each year! Heaven celebrated the day you were saved, so why not honor God through a little “righteous reminiscing” while down here on earth?

All for Him,