Does your faith in the past affect your fate in the future? Does your belief about what happened in history in any way inform the reality of what will happen to you today and tomorrow? Special creation or accidental evolution – does it really matter? These are the age-old questions we’re asking and answering in this series of TCC Radio.

We’ll first be in the studio with Calvin Smith, an expert on the creation/evolution controversy. And then – as always – we’ll take the conversation to the street this time to hear what average, everyday Canadians have to say about the controversial topic of God’s creation history.

Finally, we’ll start and finish by submitting our thoughts to the Lordship of Christ as we teach and preach Him alone as the Sovereign Creator and King of all.

Listen to the teaser trailer for this series now!

Part 1: History Matters

Where do we come from? It’s the age-old question that everyone who’s ever existed has been asking since the very beginning! In this part 1 of our series we explore exactly why history really does matter – and very likely much more than many of our listeners realize.

Experience (Unedited) Extras!

We talked to lots of people throughout the production of this series. CLICK HERE to experience fascinating full street segments surrounding this subject of biblical authority and history.