Canada150_TheCrossCurrentAre you and your church ready to “go” and share Christ together for Canada 150?

In this sesquicentennial series of our outreach radio program, we’ll help you leverage our ten plus years of weekly local missions experience in Canada toward normalizing sharing Christ in all your personal and community relationships.

First, you’ll be equipped by example to start spiritual conversations and actually sow the seed of the Gospel in the context of Canada 150. How? Through hearing real recorded Gospel conversations on the street between average Canadians and our radio reps that you can replicate yourself.

Then, from the studio, our ministry president will personally equip you to inspire, instruct, and involve your entire church in making the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity to invite all of our lost loved ones to appreciate and celebrate our Christ-centered heritage together.

Finally, we’ll challenge you to complete a Canada Day Outreach in your own community to share Christ and catalyze church-wide witness long-term. And where in Canada might The Cross Current be rising to the challenge? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Listen to the teaser trailer for this series now!