Glad tidings of great joy from The Cross Current!

As another fruitful year in the Lord’s service soon draws to a close, we are humbly requesting your prayerful and urgent response to a pressing question:

Will you give a year-end gift to help us equip and engage more Millennials for Christ?

Fact: many of the Christians we equip and the non-Christians we engage are under 30 years of age. While we thank God that He has given us such grace and favour with this largely lost “Millennial” generation, we need your help to help more of them … and all other ages of loved ones across Canada as well.

After more than a decade of hands-on discipleship and airing and sharing Christ in Canada, we invite you to reflect and refocus with us before we humbly request your prayer and financial support moving forward.

Reflect. A few of our fruitful ministry outcomes from 2017 included …

  • producing a special “Ten Years of Keeping the Cross Current” radio series to set up stone reminders of God’s faithfulness in our ministry. *Hear at: as you reflect and rejoice with us!
  • completing our “Go Canada 150” national equipping campaign and training more than 10 churches in 8 cities to share more than 80,000 Gospel tracts across Canada.
  • installing our new web-based training system.

Refocus. Our main ministry objectives for early 2018 will involve …

  • expanding our online “e-evangelism e-quipping” options to include: more free “hot topic” webinars, practical and affordable one-hour workshops, and entire comprehensive courses in all aspects of biblical witness. *Bookmark to engage the growth of our online training options.
  • multiplying the listenership of The Cross Current Radio Show podcast on Apple iTunes.
  • developing the donor support base to facilitate bringing on staff moving forward.

Request. Here’s where we need your help …

The Millennial generation has been called the first generation of “digital natives”, that is, people born and raised during the age of digital technology. This is why we must work together to develop digital and online resources to equip and engage those under 30 as soon as possible!

So, will you give a year-end gift to help us equip and engage more Millennials for Christ?

Simply CLICK HERE to select your most suitable giving method or call 1-888-96-CROSS (1-888-962-7677) to securely give monthly or one-time gifts in Gospel partnership with The Cross Current. Please know that your donation is tax-deductible and will directly contribute toward equipping and engaging even more Canadians for Christ.

In closing, we thank God for you and for our first ten years of local missions ministry together, and we trust Him for many more fruitful years to come. From our family to yours … Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For His Glory,

Cory and The Cross Current Team