If you’ve read our latest E-Tools Newsletter, you’ll know that last month the Lord blessed our evangelism trainers and trainees us with a fantastically fruitful day of Gospel preaching in Niagara Falls.

In fact, check out the clips caught and assembled by our videographer in this Vimeo short below:

However, knowing that all who desire to live godly lives will suffer persecution (2 Tim. 3:12), this last Extreme Team Mission was not without resistance.

Late in the afternoon, we were approached by a Niagara Falls Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, who aggressively told us that we couldn’t pass tracts, preach, or even post any kind of signs on the property there. Interestingly, this same officer had confronted us a couple years ago with the same instruction after which I contacted the municipality of Niagara to ask them for a copy of the specific by-law that we had allegedly violated.

I have since consulted our ministry lawyer to discover that not only do our activities not fall within the scope of the activities prohibited by the by-law we were accused of violating, but if the municipal officers continue to prevent us from evangelizing or worse yet arrest us, it is within our right to take further legal action. Obviously taking this situation to a legal arena is not our hearts desire…but preaching the Gospel within our rights as Canadian citizens is!

In closing, as we will again be on another Extreme Team Mission to Niagara Falls tomorrow (September 3rd), we need your prayers Church!

Please pray for:

  • God’s favour on all of our outreach efforts for Him in Niagara Falls tomorrow, and
  • God’s wisdom and discernment should further legal action be necessary

I (we) thank the Lord for you all!

Partners in the Gospel,

Cory & The Cross Current Team