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The culture is confused about Easter. What could chocolate bunnies and painted eggs possibly have to do with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ? What’s so “good” about Good Friday?

In this series, our outreach radio team first hits the streets to go, tell, and broadcast real-time conversations with everyday people about the true meaning of Easter in the hope that all who hear the Good News will come to believe.

We then close each episode back in the studio opening Scripture to see how we might each relate to the various characters involved in the crucifixion account as we consider the ultimate decision we all face: what to do with the Son of God?

Listen to the teaser trailer for this series now!

Part 1: “Going” Public at Easter

If Jesus Christ was publicly put to shame and crucified at Easter, how can we not publicly preach His death, burial, and resurrection – especially at Easter? Hear the conversation that unfolded when two cordial Christians express their concerns to our TCC Radio Rep about the dangers of alienating people through street preaching.

Part 2: “Going” Pluralistic at Easter

How is it possible to not believe in God, yet personally have experiences of God? Is the Good News of Good Friday merely one of many equally valid expressions of spirituality? In this episode, our radio rep engages in a fascinating conversation with a supposedly VERY good person whose spiritually eclectic worldview can’t quite sustain rational thought about objective reality.

Part 3: “Going” Perfect at Easter

Is knowing a few facts about Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection sufficient for receiving salvation? Is it rational and realistic to express death as your number one fear? In this enlightening episode, our radio rep enjoys a very candid conversation with two “Christian-ish” Canadians who are doing their best to catch up on good works … only to find out that perfection is God’s standard for heaven.

Part 4: “Going” Presuppositional at Easter

“It’s absolutely true that there is no absolute truth.” The statement itself presupposes that truth does exist. In this fourth and final episode of our series, we talk eternal truth with a self-proclaimed esoteric Christian about Jesus Christ who IS the way, the truth, and the life and who needs no one to authenticate His supreme authority.

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