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“Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord…” (Isaiah 1:18)

After 3 years of prayer, planning, and apologetic preparation, we are very pleased to report that this month The Cross Current has begun leading a church Gospel Outreach Team in preaching Christ on the edge of the campus of the University of Western Ontario (UWO).

Captain’s Log

Here is Cory McKenna’s “Captain’s Log” from September 13th, 2012 – Day 1 of our new mission:

The Lord blessed us with a glorious day of defending and confirming His Gospel with all the UWO students who gathered ’round to hear the truth of life, death, and eternity! After I had preached for about 10 minutes, a critical mass of students had already gathered from various worldview positions to listen – “Atheists”, Roman Catholics, Buddhists, Jewish people. Then, for the next 2 hours we pled for their souls with Bibles in hand.

As an “added bonus”, we also heard from several Harvest Bible Chapel London students who attend UWO and saw us sharing the Gospel. Not only were they inspired by our witness, but one particular student even enlisted on the spot to serve as part of our Gospel Outreach Team the very next night in downtown London. Further, there was absolutely no resistance from campus authorities concerning our activities there. Praise the Lord!

Left: Edin Azabagic of Harvest London preaches the Gospel to a UWO student

One Student’s Story

Here is a brief testimony from Dustin Brown, the “one particular student” and new Harvest London congregant we encountered on our first day at UWO:

“How did he do that?!” That is often people’s response to hearing about Saul Paul’s seemingly instant willingness to devote his whole life to Christ. Once the truth was revealed to him, he went right at it—“[he] did not immediately consult with anyone; nor did [he] go up to Jerusalem to those who were apostles before me” (Galatians 1:16-17), but “immediately he proclaimed Jesus in the synagogues, saying, ‘He is the Son of God’” (Acts 9:20).

Right: Steve Hodge (right) shares the truth of Scripture with an “Atheist” at UWO

How did he do that?! Growing up, I feel like I was sheltered in the church, and since I moved to London for post-secondary school I have had a nagging feeling that I should be proclaiming something very much the same as Paul did, “Jesus is Lord.” But every day I let opportunities fall through my hands and wonder why I can’t pull through for my Saviour. I have guilty hands, and I’m not being a good steward with the great news that I am trusted with.

I am very thankful, though, that two weeks ago I was led like a sheep to “coincidentally” come across this group of preachers just outside of campus at Western, because there was an opportunity that I was able to grab a hold of. I got to share the word of God with a bystander and it was only the start of a journey. Today, they have set me up with a mentor and they’re making sure I can effectively bring the word to others in the future.

I have to point to a common thread here. Paul was able to respond immediately because he encountered Christ and the Holy Spirit went with him from that day on. Paul passed on the secret to witnessing in 1 Corinthians 12:3: “No one can say ‘Jesus is Lord’ except in the Holy Spirit.” Why am I thankful? Because two weeks ago the Spirit led Cory to say “Jesus is Lord!”, brought me to where they were saying it, and through this story He is encouraging me to proclaim it every day.

I pray this encouragement of the Living Water wells up in your life as well.

Dustin Brown is a first-year student in the Engineering Program at the University of Western Ontario. Dustin has already been paired with a senior evangelist who will lead him through our 3-month Personal Mentoring Program.

Lord willing, each week our Gospel Outreach Team will be journeying into the academic core of our hometown of London, Ontario for the specific purpose of reasoning from the Scriptures with all the university students we encounter.

Please make it a point to pray for God’s protection and provision to be upon all of our witnessing efforts for Him as we continue reaching out at the University of Western Ontario!

UWO Preaching Footage
Click to watch TCC President Cory McKenna preaching open air to a Roman Catholic student

Click to watch apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate giving a ready defense to an “Atheist”

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The Cross Current (TCC) is a local missions ministry that equips by example by providing onsite and offsite training that will help leaders train and sustain their entire churches and ministries to normalize sharing the Gospel in all personal and community relationships.

The training TCC offers not only facilitates believers with the immediate confidence they need to begin sharing Christ more faithfully, but our seminars also provide leaders with the resources they need to continue fanning the flames of outreach among their people long-term.

Here is a very encouraging testimony of the lasting fruit of faithfulness from the Evangelism Co-ordinator of a prominent ministry TCC trained over 3 years ago:

In 2009, Teen Challenge (a one-year Christian rehab program that disciples addicts to follow Christ) started up an evangelism department to minister on the streets, in prisons, and in hostels to train our men in outreach as well as to minister to the lost. We have seven different outreach teams in total, and one team we wanted to have was a street witnessing team.

As you may know, street witnessing is challenging and even a little intimidating, so to our launch our street witnessing team we called in Cory and The Cross Current.

Right: Click here or the image to the right to hear a brief clip of Mike Hayward, a TCC training graduate, open air preaching

We had TCC give their all-day seminar to the student body and had them take us out on the streets of downtown London to have us put into practice what we learned in the classroom. That one day got our men “out of the boat” as it were and feeling comfortable about sharing their faith on the streets with strangers.

That spring we started our street witnessing team, called SWAT (Street Witnessing Action Team) and have been doing weekly outreaches ever since.

One interesting thing is our team members including team leaders have changed over the years as staff and students come and go, but we believe in 2 Timothy 2:22 – “And the things you have learned from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also”. As new team members come on the team, they start out as rookies and then become veterans. Some eventually become team leaders.

We are now actually running two SWAT teams on two different nights and all members including the leaders have been trained by those who went before them. But it all started with Cory and his team back in April 2009!

Wayne Flonders serves as the Evangelism Co-ordinator of Teen Challenge London

We thank God for Wayne and his courageous leadership of all the students of the Teen Challenge program. We also count it a joy and a privilege to be used of the Lord to equip all the saints under Wayne’s care for more faithful Gospel proclamation!

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Though sharing and airing evangelism encounters from the street is TCC Radio’s typical M.O., in this special broadcast we decided to dip into our audio resource library of teachings to contemplate the Cross of Christ.

It seems that many believers have been guilty of preaching a “gospel” message that empties the Cross of its power, cheapens the sacrifice of Christ, and fails to bring biblical conversion.

What did God primarily set us free from on the Cross? This evangelistic sermon searches the Scriptures to find the answer and brings biblical understanding and application to the most important event in history.

Hear “Contemplating the Cross” on TCC Radio


Canada needs Christ! Let’s continue partnering together to keep our prayer pulse for TCC and the Church in Canada strong.

We humbly ask you, your family, and your church to remember to pray for:

> The Lord’s continued protection and provision on our new Gospel outreach to the students of the University of Western Ontario (UWO)

> TCC’s evangelism involvement in the Proof of God Conference (Oct. 12th – 13th | Orlando, Florida)

> Cory McKenna as he speaks at the 2012 Western Canadian Bible & Science Conference (Oct. 25th – 27th | Red Deer, Alberta)

Continue keeping a pulse on our prayer needs

Bookmark our ministry calendar to continue praying for our local missions

We again thank God for you and your partnership in preaching the Gospel.

For His Glory Alone,

The Cross Current Team


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