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By Cory McKenna

Any movie that generates over a million YouTube views in just one month is guaranteed to make waves in the culture. Make that movie about one of the hottest and most controversial topics in the world today and the result could be a tidal wave. Equip and release an army of covert evangelists onto university and college campuses across North America with over 200,000 complimentary copies of this movie and the result could very well be a tsunami. The “180” movie outreach project from Living Waters created the perfect storm for serious damage against the kingdom of darkness and all reports indicate that it hit the shores of secular humanism all around our continent with a holy vengeance.

Above: Evangelist and “180” developer, Ray Comfort, of Living Waters

Right: The “180” movie UWO outreach team

“180” is a documentary comparing the holocaust of World War II with a much larger modern-day holocaust, namely, abortion. I vividly remember watching the 33-minute video in hotel conference room full of 50 evangelists during its very first private screening at the Living Waters Ambassadors Academy this past June 2011. Some were crying. Many were praying. All were speechless. Further, the powerful buzz in the room confirmed that God was in it and He was going to do something great through it. Little did I know that He would also give The Cross Current the privilege of being involved.

UWO Outreach

In conjunction with the official public release of the video, the Living Waters (LW) leadership team requested the deployment of local evangelism teams to invade campuses in as many major cities as possible all on the same day – Tuesday, October 25th.

In gracious support of this effort, LW donated 3000 videos to our ministry for the sole purpose of having our team distribute them and share the Gospel at the University of Western Ontario (UWO). However, due to the fact that the continent-wide project had to be a “sneak attack” to avoid enemy opposition or shut-down, the outreach date was not allowed to be shared with anyone outside of the immediate evangelism teams involved.

Left: Our first stack of “180” movie Gospel giveaways

By His grace and for His glory, the mission was accomplished – and not just here in London but around the world as well! (Click here for an update on the global results of the 180 Movie outreach project around the world).

Testimonies of God @ Work

I have to share with you a couple testimonies of God @ work that unfolded very shortly after the mission had been accomplished.

The first testimony took place the very same day and involved a message I received on Facebook from a young man I pastored several years ago. The following is a record of our correspondence (left “as-is”):

M.R.: Were you on campus today handing out the dvd’s by those guys from LA by the cross current? My professor x-nayed the entire lesson and is playing the dvd for the entire class… She said she got so excited when she saw the dvd. She said that it coincides with what she teaches in class (the class title is “the holocaust”).

Cory: Hey man! Yup that was our team. We passed out over 2000 of those DVD’s in about 3 hours. Thanks so much for sharing the testimony…VERY encouraging! Let’s pray that God uses our partnership in the Gospel for His glory!

M.R.: Oh sweet! Well congrats. We’re currently in the middle of the dvd… The class is in pure silence and so fascinated. Its a class of about 50 third and fourth year students. The teacher is quite pumped!

M.R.: Hey, I meant to write you after class. We watched the video then the teacher led the class in a discussion about its historical relevance, modern day relevance and pretty much opened up the floor to open conversation/debate. That went on for about an hour. About 80 percent of the class didn’t say anything, and then it was about 12 percent negative and 8 percent positive. After class, I overheard one student ask the teacher for a copy of the dvd and I overheard one other student tell another that he had a copy of the dvd and that he wasn’t going to look at it but now is going to take it home and watch it with one of his roommates. so, even if it had an impact on one person’s life, then it was a successful day for you… congrats brother! And Teachers don’t typically scrap entire lessons so even the fact that the teacher decided to do that and replace it with your dvd was interesting in itself (and I don’t think that she’s a Christian… But who knows).

Right: A UWO student examines the “180” movie she receives from evangelist Tom Woodburn

Finally, Living Waters also contacted me after having been approached by the UWO newspaper to find out more about our project there this past week. Please pray that if a story unfolds, the Name of Jesus will be lifted high across campus!

The second testimony involves a girl that goes to our church and how the “180” movie impacted her class time:

Yesterday was a weird day. More than half of my religion class was absent because of various trips/games/whatever and that same one classmate I had mentioned it to asked our teacher if we could watch “180”. I have NO idea why she asked but I conveniently had 3 copies in my backpack that my brother had given me the day before so I mentioned this and gave her a copy.

She continued her talking and although she came close several times never got to actually putting it in the computer to play on the smart board. I kept looking at her, looking at the clock, looking at her, looking at the clock, looking at her…(you get the point. I REALLY wanted her to ditch the class discussion and play the video! She never seemed to stop talking!

Finally with about 40 minutes left she turned off the lights and played the video. So, half of our religion class sits there and watches the whole thing through. Honestly, I was so nervous the whole time just cause, in that situation, you’re not dealing with one person, you’re dealing with 15-20 of your peers as well as your teacher. It was nerve-racking to say the least.

During the video the teacher continued asking me some questions and made it quite clear that this was EXACTLY what I stood for yet pointed out the valid points expressed in it (I’m pretty sure she turned into Ray Comfort’s #1 fan that day). Part of me was so excited because they were all watching it and the things spoken of in the video were very valuable. Then the other part of me was dying not knowing how they would respond to it and how they would treat me or talk to me after.

It turned out that most of the class really enjoyed it (or so they said) and a girl I never would have thought of talking to before actually started talking to me about it when we got to our lockers. The video ended about 2 minutes before class ended so we didn’t have much time to discuss but I’m so glad it was played there! I’m excited to see what God’s going to do with that! I still think it’s so weird how it happened in the first place! So cool.

Team Testimonials

A few of those who served on our evangelism team also had this to say about why they chose to enlist in the “180” movie outreach:

What an inspiration and encouragement it was to be part of an international outreach that truly was orchestrated by God. The content of the “180” movie extended far beyond the moral/ethical issues dealing with infanticide through abortion. The “transitions” established in the movie flowed naturally and smoothly throughout the entire presentation: The 180 Movie takes the viewer from the Nazi Holocaust; to the modern day holocaust of child abuse and murder; to the depraved state of humankind; e.g., Jeremiah 17:9; Judges 21:25; to the presentation of the Gospel; to the call for repentance. My prayer is that God would use this DVD to bring illumination and conviction, leading to individual and national repentance (repentance of all unbelief/disbelief and the forsaking of all evil ways). God is at work in the transformation of lives: The regenerated soul bears “good fruit” in the changing of one’s beliefs, world views, desires, attitudes, vision… I was so blessed and privileged to be a small part of such an extensive, unified outreach. To God be the Glory! ~ Tom Briggs

Left: Pastor Shannon MacConnell, a “180” witnessing warrior seeks the Lord before stepping out onto the battlefield

To me, the “180” video was a great example of how people can stand firm on their beliefs, until they realize they are misinformed. What a great opportunity to watch strangers on a video have their worldviews shaken to the core in a matter of seconds. That type of “shaking” is typically not expected to happen in the lives of anyone over about 12 years of age unless there is a death in the family. What an opportunity for revival to happen, if on campus students have something like to create an appetite in them for pursuing truth. My prayer is that these videos will help plant a seed in their lives that grows into a healthy understanding of their need for Jesus. ~ Pastor Shannon McConnell

Right: John Gonciarz doesn’t let the rain stop him from sharing the Gospel – and a “180” movie

I enlisted to support what was going on but more importantly so that they would see and hear the truth and that they would be without excuse for not receiving or hearing the truth. It’s about spreading the Truth that would set them free from the lies of this world as well as the lie of the deceiver. It’s about the love of Jesus Christ our Saviour and the price He alone paid for our freedom. ~ John Gonciarz

Left: Harry DeBoar passes out another stack of “180” movies on the campus of UWO

I wanted to get involved with “180” outreach because I see it as a real answer to prayer not only myself but many people prayed and fasted that abortion might end, and that particularly the Church might get more involed with ending abortion. This documentary uniquely may be the cat’s meow in that it hits two birds with one stone in that it addresses the salvation of body and soul. The security of body concerns the unborn and spiritual security has to do with those condemned unless they repent of their sin and put their faith in Christ. These two concerns are to be sure priorities of our Lord Jesus and therefore ours as well. Therefore, I felt it was a real priviledge to be involved with the UWO project and plan to continue passing out DVDs. ~ Harry DeBoer

Watch the “180” movie now

View the results of the “180” outreach project



Field training in street witnessing to strangers? TCC can help. Personal mentoring in preaching open air? TCC can help with that too. However, do you know that TCC can also provide practical training in personal witnessing with loved ones?Most believers familiar with our ministry know that each week TCC leads witnessing teams to the streets sharing the Gospel, praying for people, and serving their needs. While we are well aware that not everyone in every church will regularly hit the highways and byways with the Good News, many who tag along even once on a weekly extreme team will testify that they receive from the Lord the increased faith necessary to become more consistent sharing Christ in the context of their own family and friends. What a wonderful result from “a night on the town”!

We trust that this testimony will inspire you to step out in faith and share Christ with your lost loved ones…while there is still time!

After attending the young adults retreat last month where Cory McKenna spoke about “Bringing Truth to Life” and “Being Christ’s Witnesses”, I decided to go with The Cross Current and the Gospel Outreach “GO” Team they were training on a Friday night in downtown London.

During the night I saw the need for people to know about the truth about the Gospel.  Also, I experienced so much joy through being obedient and actually sharing Christ with others. One of the tools we used was a Million Dollar Bill Gospel tract. We did some one-on-one witnessing and open air preaching – even through the rain. It was an awesome night and on my way home I was thinking of how to start sharing theGospel with my family.

In Mark 16:15, Jesus says: “Go into the entire world and preach the gospel to all creation.” This verse reminded me of my father, who had opposed my beliefs ever since I became a Christian. So that same night, after he came home from work, he came into my room and saw the Gospel tract on my desk and asked what it was. So God give me the opportunity to share the Gospel with him!

This time I asked him some questions that – with the expression on his face – seemed like he was questioning himself.  We talked for almost two hours and after that I thanked God for the amazing opportunity he gave me to plant the seed, I am still praying that the Holy Spirit will open his heart and change his heart of stone and God will give him a heart of flesh.~ Lorena Alarcon, 21, second year student at UWO

More on getting equipped in personal witnessing with The Cross Current

Any movie that generates over a million YouTube views in just one month is guaranteed to make waves in the culture. Make that movie about one of the hottest and most controversial topics in the world and the result could be a tidal wave. Sounds like a great place to find the “cross current”, doesn’t it?

“180” is a documentary comparing the holocaust of World War II with a much larger modern-day holocaust: abortion. After experiencing the “180” outreach project first-hand, our TCC Radio team prayefully decided to hit the streets to speak to the public about the issue, but more importantly, to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves.

In this series, we’ll take you in the studio and on the street to talk truth about pro-life, pro-choice, and the Gospel.

Hear our “spooky” series on Halloween

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Let’s continue partnering together to keep our prayer pulse for TCC and the Church in Canada strong!

We humbly ask you, your family, and your church to remember to pray for the following TCC ministry needs in November:

“180” Outreach Project | Follow-up – Please pray for God to grow the seeds that were sown throughout the entire North America wide “180” outreach project.

Santa Claus Parade Outreach | November 12th – Please pray for our street team as we pass tracts, share Christ one-to-one, and preach the Gospel open air at this hugely populated pre-Christmas event.

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church | November 13th Please rally your entire church to pray on this annual day and every day for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering for righteousness sake and paying the ultimate price for their faith in Jesus Christ. For more information, visit: http://www.idop.ca/


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We again thank God for you and your partnership in preaching the Gospel.

For His Glory Alone,

The Cross Current Team


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