Welcome to our May E-Tools Newsletter. This monthly TCC field report also includes outreach resources to encourage and equip you to more faithfully share the Gospel with all those lost in your life as we witness for Christ in Canada together.


Since The Cross Current was founded seven years ago in May of 2007, our mission has never changed: The Cross Current (TCC) is a local missions ministry and outreach broadcast bringing glory to God’s Name by unifying His Church in His Gospel and helping pastors equip all Christians under their care to be Christ’s witnesses everyday, everywhere, to everyone, as one body serving in accordance with the various gifts He has given each. This mission has been encapsulated in our three-phrase ministry motto: His Gospel. His Gifts. His Glory.

Right: Pastor David Black, Jeff Grabowski, and Nick Platt take in the Friday training sessions

By God’s grace, our ministry team has since trained thousands of Christ-followers across Canada and back from almost every evangelical denomination. However, Church Champions Training retreats are quickly becoming our primary delivery system toward fulfilling our disciple-making mission as an equipping ministry.

Left: Time ticks away as Cory McKenna teaches the “One Minute Gospel” at the Church Champions Training retreat

This onsite and offsite outreach retreat was again at full capacity. Designed to help churches leverage the local missions experience of The Cross Current, our training team worked together to equip the leaders in attendance to train and sustain their entire churches to normalize sharing the Gospel in all their personal and community relationships.

Right: The Champs gather with the Harvest London GO Team to pray before preaching begins

However, the main objective of these retreats is not to “wow” participants with mere mountaintop moments of Gospel outreach. Rather, now that our evangelistic iron sharpening relationship together has begun, our commitment as a servant ministry is to continue helping pastors equip their local missions leaders to champion the cause of the Gospel in their churches long-term.

Left:  As night falls, young Brent Collison pierces the darkness by preaching the Gospel open air for his very first time

Through a combination of seven specialized sessions onsite and two outreach missions offsite, retreat participants from eight local churches were again equipped with a field-tested foundation for more faithful Gospel proclamation and then released with a practical plan of church-wide implementation. The Cross Current leaders have also committed to following through with the graduates and their churches by journeying together through a common ministry calendar of training times and missions trips over the next twelve months.

Right: A Harvest London GO Team member gives the Gospel and a cup of cold water to a needy Londoner during our Saturday outreach

Here are a few testimonies from the graduates of the Church Champions Training Retreat:

The Church Champions Training retreat has given me the instruction, skills development and support to grow from an evangelist into a equipping evangelist. I look forward to helping others in my local church as we strive to be faithful witnesses for Jesus Christ together. I am thankful for the ministry of TCC and recommend this essential training to anyone looking to take the next step in evangelism. ~ Kevin Katzmann, Pineland Baptist Church (Burlington, ON)

The best part for me was to watch my excuses fall to the ground, one by one. And as these excuses were knocked out, there was solid biblical training, gracious encouragement, and tremendous times of prayer which laid the groundwork for going out and implementing what was taught. It was a great blessing to me personally to see men and women going out into the park and the streets and sharing their deep love for our Saviour. It really did re-ignite within me a passion for all people, a passion to share the Good News.

~ Pastor Richard Vander Vaart, Living Hope Christian Reformed Church (Sarnia, ON)

The Church Champions Training retreat has changed my outlook on my local church my pastor and church leaders. It placed church unity at the center of everything I do going forward! It also confirmed God’s calling for me and has given me the confidence and skills needed to equip my church when everyone’s heart is ready.

~ Aldo Gabriele, Harrow Baptist Church (Harrow, ON)

The Church Champions Training retreat taught me to value God’s desire for the lost higher than my own life and comfort. I also learned the importance of seeing the different gifts at work and that God made me as an individual in a certain way for his glory and purposes. Finally, going into the field really showed me that sharing the gospel with strangers is not scary and not burdensome; it’s actually such a blessing!

~ Michael Collison, Harvest Niagara (St. Catharines, ON)

Congratulations to the six participants who broke the sound barrier by preaching the Gospel open air for the very first time! We thank God for you and your faithfulness.

Special thanks as well to Harvest Bible Chapel London for partnering with us and for volunteering your Gospel Outreach Teams to train for this retreat.

Hear and see more from this training event

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Hear several graduates preach open air for the first time!

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Are you ready to get equipped to champion the cause of the Gospel in your local church?In this special teaching series of TCC Radio we are providing exclusive coverage of Church Champions Training retreats with The Cross Current.You will hear several main sessions recorded live onsite, along with inspiring testimonies of graduates we have personally equipped to “go” with their churches for the glory of God.

Hear “We Are the Champions” on TCC Radio


This past April, The Cross Current was privileged to equip a group of students at the Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) Canada.

This onsite/offsite seminar took place over 2 parts:

  • In part 1, Cory McKenna came onsite to WOLBI in Owen Sound, Ontario to provide practical classroom training on Being Biblical Witnesses through advancing and defending the Gospel together.
  • In part 2, the students were lead by The Cross Current to the streets of Hamilton, Ontario to witness the Word of Life first-hand through tracting, witnessing one-to-one, and open air preaching.

Click here or on the picture above to watch raw footage of several students from Word of Life Bible Institute Canada “breaking the sound barrier” by preaching the Gospel open air for the very first time this past month!

See more pics from this event!

Visit WOLBI online


Are you ready to take your church to the extreme?

Click HERE or the image to the right to watch a Niagara Falls Extreme Team Missions video from a previous year

TCC Extreme Team Missions (ETM’s) are local missions day trips into major urban centres for the specific purpose of preaching the Gospel through high volume tracting, one-to-one street witnessing, and open air preaching.

ETM’s allow participants to fully leverage the local missions experience of The Cross Current and receive personal mentoring from some of the most experienced evangelists and open air preachers in Canada.

Not only will ETM’s catalyze your own personal life and witness for Jesus Christ, but these events also provide the team equipping experience you need to continue championing the cause of the Gospel in your own local church.

Extreme Team Missions are coming to Niagara Falls this summer…are you?

2014 Extreme Team Mission Dates & Details

  • July 12th | Niagara Falls, ON
  • August 23th | Niagara Falls, ON

You and your church are cordially invited to experience the power of the Gospel first-hand as we video record encounters in everyday evangelism for TCC TV and Radio at the hottest tourist trap in Canada and the honeymoon capital of the world, Niagara Falls! We’ll be passing tracts, preaching open air, and witnessing one-to-one.

Enlist in an Extreme Team Mission with The Cross Current

Watch our Extreme Team Missions Video Teaser

Hear a commercial for Extreme Team Missions, as heard on TCC Radio


Let’s continue partnering together to keep our prayer pulse for TCC and the Church in Canada strong!

We humbly ask you, your family, and your church to remember to pray for the following TCC ministry needs early this summer:

> Canada Day Gospel Outreach | July 1st (London, ON) – Please pray for our equipping evangelists as we lead a large Gospel Outreach team to share with our community the Gospel and Christ-centered heritage of our home and native land.

> Extreme Team Mission | July 12th – Please pray for our ministry team and the equipping evangelists and their churches we will be leading to experience the power of the Gospel first-hand in our first of two Extreme Team Missions to Niagara Falls this summer.

Continue keeping a pulse on our prayer needs

Bookmark our ministry calendar to continue praying for our local missions

We again thank God for you, your church, and our partnership in the Gospel.

For His Glory Alone,

The Cross Current Team


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