Welcome to our March E-Tools Newsletter! This monthly TCC field report also includes helpful outreach resources to encourage and equip you to more faithfully share the Gospel with all the loved ones in your life as we witness for Christ in Canada together.


 An Easter Gospel Outreach “GO” Team of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds

The Cross Current exists to equip the church by example to more faithfully proclaim the Gospel in all personal and community relationships.

Right: Harvest Bible Chapel GO Team Leader, Chris Wood, engages Easter passerbys with the Good News

Year after year it’s been our experience that Easter is an “egg-cellent” time of year not only for reaching out to the lost, but for equipping the saints for the work of evangelism too!

This month we equipped another Gospel outreach team of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds to be Christ’s witnesses together in their community.

Left: Senior TCC evangelism team leader, John Gonciarz, conducts an Easter survey with a young Hindu man

The initial two-hours of training took place onsite before the team ventured offsite to share the Gospel, their gifts, and good works for the glory of God with the lost and dying on the streets of London.

Right: New GO Team member, Paul Jenkins, talking truth with a university student in London

Though the very concept of Easter is sure to catalyze conversation with today’s post-Christian culture, we also equipped these new seeds sowers to follow in the footsteps of Jesus by starting in the natural and swinging to the spiritual using such tools as Easter surveys, Gospel tracts, and our TCC Radio Easter series.

Above: GO Team member, Hernando Medina, shares the Gospel in Spanish

See more pics from this GO Team mission!

Access your own Easter outreach resources:

Easter survey

Easter Gospel tract

TCC Radio Easter series

We trust you will also be encouraged by this personal testimony from Claudia Chin, a recent graduate from both our Witnessing Workshop and Gospel Outreach “GO” Team training.

I recently had a wonderful experience sharing the Gospel with a guy named Jake.

I was walking from Richmond and Dundas towards the public library when this guy (Jake) asked me if I had a few minutes to listen to what he had to say about a ‘Girl Power’ movement, which gets sponsorships for females in third world countries. I said I was in a hurry, so he offered to walk with me while he kept explaining all about the program he was offering. I agreed (and kept praying in my mind while listening to him).

We ended up at the library doors when I actually said to him I was unable to sponsor any girl at this moment, but I wanted to share something with him and I wanted to know if he had a few minutes to listen to what I had to say and he agreed.

I gave him a Million Dollar Bill tract and when he asked what was that about, I started explaining, and I then offered to walk with him back to where we had first started talking and he was surprised but happy about that.

Finally, I shared the Gospel all the way back to Richmond and Dundas and I was just in awe to see how God’s law definitely stops the mouth and people just listen to the Gospel!

I gave him a regular card of Harvest Bible Chapel (that includes the map, service times and website) and invited him to come to church any Sunday, but I made emphasis on April 1st and 8th – our Easter services.

I know he listened, I know he must be thinking about what I shared with him (the Gospel), and I am praying he comes to church and for the Lord to save his soul and transform his life. I am also praying for the people we shared tracks and the Gospel on Sunday! God is awesome!!! He is mighty to save!!!

Most of the times I feel shy to start up conversations with strangers, but I want to be faithful to what God has commanded us to do, so as I keep praying for God to open my eyes to opportunities. I have also prayed and said to the Lord that anyone with whom I have a conversation for any reason (especially if they are the ones starting the conversation with me), while we chat I pray in my mind for God to put the right words in my mouth and then I either give them the Million Dollar Bill or I share the Gospel with them, but I do my best not to just leave without sharing the Gospel!

Some listen, some don’t, some reject the track, some take it but don’t want to listen the gospel… in the end only God knows if it has fallen in good soil and only He knows when, where and how the seed will bear fruit! I just praise Him for His love and mercy!

Well this story has became quite long, but I just wanted to share this, as I find it so joyful to overcome with His strength all the excuses we make to share the Gospel!

More on how TCC can equip you and your church

Watch more Gospel Outreach footage on our Vimeo channel


Are you ready to “go” and preach the Gospel like never before?

The Cross Current Witnessing Workshop will equip you and your church to be Christ’s witnesses together. Suitable for small or large groups, the curriculum has been customized to help you leverage the local missions experience of The Cross Current to “normalize” sharing your faith in all of your personal relationships and beyond. Comprised of eight interactive sessions, this DVD-based training series is also supported and supplemented by web-based facilitator and participant resources.

We trust you will be encouraged by this testimony from Tim and Amanda Pallant, a couple who have been taking the Witnessing Workshop training this month:

The Lord has been using the Witnessing Workshop to teach me simple but effective skills for sharing the Good News and to make me very excited to do the work of an evangelist! I find myself increasingly closer everywhere I go to starting meaningful conversations where I can effectively share the Gospel. During my Bible reading, I have been seeing new applications to familiar passages and am eager to memorize more Scripture. I have also been extremely encouraged and energized while out street witnessing on Friday nights doing the practical part of putting my knowledge and faith into action. ~ Tim

I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of the Witnessing Workshop! It has really enlightened me to the fact that sharing the Gospel is everyone’s responsibility, but it is not as difficult, scary, or surreal as many believe it to be. The training, combined with the practical application on Friday nights of joining others sharing the Gospel downtown, has helped me in so many ways to really understand not only how important this is, but how possible, exciting, and fulfilling it is too! I have always had such a burden for reaching the lost, especially my loved ones, and I am so thankful that I am finally being properly trained to share the Good news! Praise God! ~ Amanda

Order the Witnessing Workshop Local Church Training System

This training system includes: 4-Disc DVD set, Facilitator Guide and Participant Workbook sample pages for photocopying, TCC Witnessing Quick Reference Cards (25 qty.), TCC Million Dollar Bill Gospel tracts (100 qty.), and a Supplementary Resource CD.

Upon starting your group training, you can also register to receive a username and password for our Witnessing Workshop Support Site, a special site developed to further “e-quip” group Facilitators and Participants with the web-based resources and support they need along their way to course completion.

The Witnessing Workshop DVD-based Training System is available for just $49.99 on our Online Store



Get equipped to champion the cause of the Gospel in your local church.

This onsite and offsite outreach retreat will leverage the local missions experience of The Cross Current to equip leaders to train and sustain their entire churches to normalize sharing the Gospel in all your personal and community relationships.

Topics will include:

  • The role of the equipping evangelist
  • The priority of the pastor’s support
  • Launching a local missions ministry
  • Normalizing evangelism church-wide
  • Sharing Gospel Outreach in your community

Graduates will be equipped with a field-tested foundation for more faithful gospel proclamation and also released with a practical plan of church-wide implementation.

Click here for information and registration

Listen to the CCT Retreat radio commercial

Print your own promo poster


St. Patrick’s Day Special!

How GREEN are you about St. Patrick’s Day?

What country was St. Patrick from? Why is the shamrock his traditional symbol? What is the TRUE message of St. Patrick’s Day?

As we asked average, ordinary, every day Canadians these types of questions, we again realized that there can be a big difference between what we believe and what’s really true.

How green are you about St. Patrick’s Day, and why does it really matter? As you’ll find out in this special one-off broadcast of TCC Radio, it matters much more than you may realize…

Hear our St. Patrick’s Day Special on TCC Radio


Let’s continue partnering together to keep our prayer pulse for TCC and the Church in Canada strong!

We humbly ask you, your family, and your church to remember to pray for the following TCC ministry needs in April:

Good Friday Gospel Outreach | April 6th (London, ON) – Please pray for our evangelism team leaders as we make the most of Good Friday by equipping the Church to step out in faith to carry the Cross, pass tracts, witnessing 1-2-1, and preach open air to all the lost of London, Ontario.

Witnessing Workshop | Sunday nights throughout April (London, ON) – Please pray for Cory McKenna as he equips believers over 5 sessions at Stoney Creek Baptist Church to more faithfully preach the Gospel and to be Christ’s witnesses together.

Together for the Gospel | April 9th to 13th (Louisville, KY) – Please pray for traveling mercies as we take a team to the Together for the Gospel equipping conference this month.

Continue keeping a pulse on our prayer needs

Bookmark our ministry calendar to continue praying for our local missions

We again thank God for you and your partnership in preaching the Gospel.

For His Glory Alone,

The Cross Current Team

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