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  “The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground. He sleeps and rises night and day, and the seed sprouts and grows; he knows not how.” ~ Mark 4:26-27

“How many people did you see get saved this week?” If you’ve been faithfully sowing the seed of God’s Word on the streets for any length of time, you’ve heard this question before – or at least a variation of it. When asked out of prayerful concern for the fate of the lost, it’s somewhat appropriate. But, more often than not, it’s been our experience that it’s usually asked to call into question whether street ministry with strangers is “effective” in our time and place.Imagine a farmer who faithfully sows handfuls upon handfuls of seed week after week and year after year. Does he expect the seed to grow? Of course! In fact, he wouldn’t be spending his time farming if he didn’t. But does he make the seed grow? Does he even know how or when the seed grows? No, he doesn’t. Further, what’s the likelihood of the farmer just happening to walk by to personally see the plant sprout out of the ground at the exact time God appoints the growth? While it likely has happened, it’s certainly the exception not the rule. The same illustration applies to evangelism.

The following seed sowing “glory story” was sent to Chris Wood, a TCC senior street team leader and board member who also leads a small group in his home church of Harvest Bible Chapel London. The letter was sent from “P” about how the Lord impacted her daughter “L” through the faithful Gospel preaching of one of our newest evangelism trainees, Chris Wagler, who serves as the Church Champion for Harvest Waterloo Region.

Hi Chris! I am sending you this email so that you and the TCC team can be encouraged.

On Friday June 22, 2012, upon finishing work and on her way to catch the bus home, my daughter L (22) was approached by a gentleman named Chris from TCC. We later found out that he is with the Cambridge team. He smiled at her, introduced himself, shook her hand and asked her if she minded him asking her a question. She agreed without any hesitation. He asked her if she thought that she would go to heaven when she died and if so what does she need to do to be sure she goes there, or something of the like. She gave the answer, that one needs to believe that Jesus is the son of God and have faith in Jesus Christ. She noted that the man seemed impressed that she gave the correct answer. I don’t know all the details of the entire conversation other than this introductory BUT I do know that this encounter has really resparked  interest in her faith that she had placed high on a shelf or perhaps in a box deep in the dark basement of her heart.

She had been raised in a christian albeit a ‘new christian’ home, where things weren’t well seasoned, wisdom in raising kids in Christ like fashion wasn’t well honed but nonetheless the efforts were of honest intention. Sometimes the desire to raise our children in a Godly home within a broken world caused us to be maybe too much bible and not enough mercy and grace. L as a child always had a loving kind heart towards others and one could see that she was chosen by God. More than once people would say that she is like an angel in her ways.

As she grew up and was allowed to explore more of this world on her own a battle of wills began to strongly develop. We knew that it was a spiritual battle for her soul and have kept in constant prayer asking others to help us. As time passed she willingly began to walk in the ways of the world and disengage with her family. The spirits know each other is what we would say. The false people and promises of the world looked far more exciting to her than anything that we had to offer, so with each new friend she gladly followed their path taking her further away from us and Jesus. The pain that we endured as parents seemed unsurmountable. The divide between us was getting wider and deeper. The only way for us to cope was to let her go and force her to move out so we would not continue getting a daily lashing from Satan, well at least this is how it felt. In our hearts we returned her to the foot of the cross in God’s care as she belongs to Him. Our faith in God and His promises is all we had and it was our prayer that He would keep his hands on her life and allow her to go through whatever He was going to but eventually draw her back to Him. He has so many things that He wants to bless her with but can’t because her heart wasn’t with Him.

We have been attending Harvest Bible Chapel London for 3 years now, and have listened to TCC Radio regularly. It had been a prayer of my husband that someone from the team might meet her on the street in God’s timing share with her the gospel and with hope reinstate her faith in Christ Jesus. I am delighted to say that God’s faithfulness never fails! This encounter has triggered our daughter to begin wanting to explore her own faith walk again, she went home that evening and read some of Revelations, and stated that she was having some revelations about herself and her life. She is afraid, and unsure. I know that this is Satan wanting to keep his hold on her to continue to destroy someone so beautiful that our God has created and the battle will get worse before better but Jesus paid the price for all sins of those who give their lives to Him and no weapon formed against us by Satan can take us down. Jesus has Victory over all!!

Please continue to pray with us for L through this struggle, that young christians will come into her life as friends, possibly come out to Sunday service and  that she will desire all that God wants for her life. And for us that we can show God’s love mercy and grace in healing the wedge that has been put between us so that we can be the family that God has designed us to be. Our sincere thanks for all of the team that go out faithfully every week to share the gospel, with those who Satan has his clutches on, giving them a hope for a changed life in Christ.

Yours in Christ!


As you can probably imagine, Chris Wagler was beyond humbled and thankful to learn that the Lord allowed him to hear about these redemptive results of his seed sowing efforts! Interestingly, about the experience Chris commented: “Of all the encounters I had that night, the one with L was probably the one that I least expected had any impact. God is so good!”

As sowers of God’s Word, we are very thankful that the qualities are in the seed not the sower! Are we called to plant? Yes. Are we called to water? Yes. But who brings the growth? God. At His appointed time in His appointed way. So, we encourage you to simply “go” and sow…and leave the growth up to God.


Listen to John MacArthur teach powerfully on this subject in a sermon called “A Theology of Sleep”


The Harvest Bible Chapel Waterloo Region Extreme Gospel Outreach Team

It’s been said that you haven’t been biblically discipled until you’ve made a disciple. That’s why disciplemaking is at the heart of TCC’s mission with and for the Church.

Preaching the Gospel will always play a major role in TCC’s daily and weekly ministry, however, our long-term objective is to help pastors identify and train equipping evangelists from within their churches to champion the cause of the Gospel and continue fanning the flames of outreach among their people. Chris Wagler of Harvest Bible Chapel Waterloo Region is one such equipping evangelist.

Right: Chris Wagler, evangelism team leader of Harvest Bible Chapel Waterloo Region, preaches Christ outside of City Hall in Kitchener, Ontario

Not only did Chris recently graduate from our Church Champions Training Retreat last month, but he has also faithfully completed our 3-month personal mentoring program with our weekly witnessing team. This past weekend all of this training and experience culminated to the momentous occasion of Chris leading an Extreme Gospel Outreach “GO” Team from his own local church for the very first time.

On Friday, June 29th, eighteen witnessing warriors from Harvest Waterloo Region stepped out in faith onto the streets of Kitchener to pass tracts, witness one-to-one, and even open air preach! TCC President Cory McKenna and Vice President Jeff Mardling had the privilege of serving on Chris’ team.

Left: Dale Hawker breaks the sound barrier by preaching the Gospel open air for the very first time

“Jeff and I were both humbled and encouraged to experience first-hand the fruit of our labour in training Chris over the past several months”, Cory commented. “He lead with a wonderful balance of grace and truth and we have no doubt that the Lord is going to use him powerfully to set a God-glorifying evangelistic example for the other Christ-followers of his church.”

By God’s grace, Harvest Waterloo Region already has a core of evangelists who have committed to hold each other accountable to hit the streets of their hometown each week.

To God be all the glory!

WatchTCC’s Jeff Mardling preach at “Speakers’ Corner” in Kitchener, Ontario
Get your church equipped to be Christ’s witnesses together in your community


Are you ready to take your church to the extreme?

Click HERE or the image to the right to watch our 2011 Niagara Falls Extreme Team Missions Video

TCC Extreme Team Missions (XTM’s) are local missions day trips into major urban centres for the specific purpose of preaching the Gospel through high volume tracting, one-to-one street witnessing, and open air preaching.

XTM’s allow participants to fully leverage the local missions experience of The Cross Current and receive personal mentoring from some of the most experienced evangelists and open air preachers in Canada.

Not only will XTM’s catalyze your own personal life and witness for Jesus Christ, but these events also provide the team equipping experience you need to continue championing the cause of the Gospel in your own local church.

In just two weeks, we will be leading an army of local missionaries into the heart Niagara Falls on our first Extreme Team Mission of 2012. Are you and your troops enlisted?

2012 Extreme Team Mission Dates & Details

  • July 14th | Niagara Falls, ON
  • August 25th | Niagara Falls, ON

You and your church are cordially invited to experience the power of the Gospel first-hand as we video record encounters in everyday evangelism for TCC TV and Radio at the hottest tourist trap in Canada and the honeymoon capital of the world, Niagara Falls! We’ll be passing tracts, preaching open air, and witnessing 1-2-1.

Enlistin an Extreme Team Mission with The Cross Current

Watchour Extreme Team Missions Video Teaser


This past May, TCC held our first ever Church Champions Training Retreat in London, Ontario. The objective of this discipleship experience was to equip evangelists and outreach leaders to champion the cause of the Gospel within their own local churches. Graduates were equipped with a field-tested foundation for more faithful gospel proclamation and also released with a practical plan of church-wide implementation.

The following is one of the main sessions that was recorded during the retreat.

Chiseling a Champion: Establishing the Role of the Equipping Evangelist

God gave evangelists to equip His saints for the work of the ministry, for building up the Body of Christ. In this second session, we will search the Scriptures to clearly define the vital role and responsibilities of a Christ-follower called and gifted by God to champion the cause of the Gospel in the local church.

Listen to this session from the Church Champion Training Retreat

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Let’s continue partnering together to keep our prayer pulse for TCC and the Church in Canada strong!

We humbly ask you, your family, and your church to remember to pray for our first Extreme Team Mission of the season to Niagara Falls on Saturday, July 14th.


Continue keeping a pulse on our prayer needs

Bookmark our ministry calendar to continue praying for our local missions

We again thank God for you and your partnership in preaching the Gospel.

For His Glory Alone,

The Cross Current Team


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