Welcome to our August E-Tools Newsletter! This monthly TCC field report also includes helpful outreach resources to encourage and equip you to more faithfully share the Gospel with all the loved ones in your life as we witness for Christ in Canada together.


Your August 2013 Niagara Falls Extreme Team Missionaries

What do you call it when more than 70 followers of the Lord Jesus Christ come together to preach His glorious Gospel in the most densely populated tourist trap in Canada? (Yes, you read right…70 plus seed sowers!) We call it fishing at the Falls for our final Niagara Extreme Team Mission of 2013! And, by God’s grace, it was mission accomplished…again.

For the second time this summer, The Cross Current equipped leaders from many different churches who, in turn, equipped their own local church saints for the work of evangelism. The multicultural mission field was the small area of Clifton Hill where the Gospel was preached to thousands through passing tracts, witnessing one-to-one, and open air preaching.

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Guest preaching posse

It also was a privilege to partner with the Jeremiah Cry Cross Canada Tour, a team of itinerant evangelist who have been witnessing their way across the country for past number of months.

Right: Cross Canada Tour team member, Mike Stockwell, watches Chris Wagler from TCC Radio preach the Gospel

I know that I speak on behalf of all those we hosted in the Falls when I say that we thank God for how He used their faithfulness, passion, and experience to really take our mission to the extreme.

Please keep reading below for a special segment on the Cross Canada Tour.

Persecution…by police?

Jesus said: Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. (Matthew 5:11-12). Persecution is expected from haters and hecklers who overtly oppose God…but from public servants like policemen? Not so much.

Above: Chris Sippley respectfully pleads our case with a Niagara Falls police officer

While we thank God for the freedom we have to preach Christ in Canada, the level of resistance and opposition that our team experienced this past month in Niagara Falls was more intense than ever before.

Though the Lord allowed our mission to continue through finding favor with the park police, we still encourage all committed Canadian evangelists to carry copies of both the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Criminal Code just in case.

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Fast-growing fruit?

At TCC, we believe that Christ’s servants are simply called to be faithful to sow and water the seed of God’s Word while always trusting God Himself to bring the increase.

Though we often don’t see the immediate results of preaching on the streets, occasionally God graciously allows us to experience what seems to be “fast-growing fruit” from our seed sowing efforts.

Here is a short testimony to this effect from Niagara Falls:

On Sunday morning we had a man come in to Harvest Niagara that had been in the Falls on Saturday and had spoken to someone from London. He came and spoke to a lady at our welcome table and went into the service. I didn’t get a chance to speak to him, and I don’t know if he will come back, but what an encouragement that he was a fruit of the efforts of the evangelists who were obedient to the Lord and shared their faith. Praise God! It was great to serve together with you all for the glory of the Lord! ~ Taraleigh Scott, St. Catharines, ON

Please pray that the Lord will grant this man repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth and that he will be discipled into a mature follower of Christ.

More Extreme Team testimonies

The following are more testimonies from several Extreme Team missionaries who completed our second mission together this summer.

David Jiang from London, Ontario shares: “The Niagara Falls mission trip was such a blessing experience to me.

Left: David Jiang receives an “Open Air Extraordinaire” award for faithfully preaching the Gospel in the open air for the very first time

On the one hand, it opened up my eyes to the fact that there are still a great amount of lost people around the world and it definitely bring urgency to us that as Christians, we must do the Will of our Master. On the other hand, witnessing to a stranger is always a fearful thing to me but in my discomfort, God is teaching me how to depend on him solely. Every time before I approached to a stranger, I prayed for more courage from God! Finally, witnessing with our faithful brothers was also a benefit to me. They took over the hard questions for me as I seemed to lose my words and I learned how to answer those at the same time.”

Mike deBruin from Oakville, Ontario says: “The day that began with fear and insecurity ended with massive encouragement and blessing. I saw once more how God displays His strength in my weakness. Times of discouragement were quickly replaced with peace from our God. My reliance and dependence on Him increased throughout the day as we told others of His greatness and the mercy and grace He freely offers. I would highly recommend it to all Christ followers. Nothing gives you more joy than giving glory to the Creator!

Darren Quellete from Waterloo, Ontario writes: “I asked my family this question a few months ago: “What is it you would do, if you knew you could not fail?” The answer really surprised me, but all of us, independently answered with the same thing – “Share the Gospel”. Going with The Cross Current to Niagara Falls recently allowed us to do just that.

Right: Darren Ouellete “breaks the sound barrier” by preaching the Gospel for his first time in Niagara Falls

My family used all of our spiritual gifts that day (which are all different) and we were all challenged, and blessed as a result. If you are curious but timid about street ministry or sharing Christ in general, forget what you think you already know and go out with The Cross Current. You will be blessed.”

Left: Tom Briggs heralds the Gospel in the open air…do you see anything particularly “glorifying” about that monument behind him?

Tom Briggs from St. Thomas, Ontario shares: “I am so blessed to be part of a team of evangelists who share such a love, burden, care, and concern for the lost. In love for God and love for all people (Matthew 22:36-40) we are compelled to preach the Gospel together to the many of the lost sheep who are on the broad path, leading to destruction (Matthew 9:36-38; 7:13-14). Yes, ‘The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few…’ As Christ-followers we are called by God to be His laborers. Taking part in future Extreme Team Missions is a fulfillment of that calling. Let God have the final word as He calls and leads you (John 14:21; Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8-9; Romans 10:11-15; 1st Corinthians 9:16 & 22-23; 2nd Timothy 4:3-5).”

On behalf of everyone at The Cross Current, we again thank God for all pastors, prayer warriors, evangelism leaders, and Gospel seed sowers who laboured for the Lord together to faithfully fulfill our second and final Niagara Extreme Team Mission of 2013!Also, a very special thanks again to Harvest Bible Chapel Niagarafor serving as our partner church for this outreach event.
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The Jeremiah Cry Cross Canada Tour drops by our hometown of London, Ontario

We know that all Christ-followers are called to preach His glorious Gospel in their own personal mission field. However, we also praise God that He calls some ministers of the Gospel to preach to the lost in the highways and byways beyond. This is the ministry of the Jeremiah Cry Cross Canada Tour.

Left: Chris Sippley is again forced to deal with local security, this time in Kitchener, Ontario

Last month and this month The Cross Current had the privilege of partnering with the Jeremiah Cry Cross Canada Tour while the team was preaching on the streets of both Alberta and Ontario. The members of the team are as follows:

  • Mike Stockwell (New York)
  • Robert Gray (Colorado)
  • Chris, Paula, Zoe-Lyn, & Nathan Sippley (New Brunswick)
  • Jerry, Maria, Alex, & Andy Osborne (New Brunswick)
  • Robert Hughes (London, England)
The long list of Canadian cities covered throughout the tour included: Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Kitchener, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Woodstock, Montreal, and Halifax.Please be praying for God’s provision and protection to be on this team as they continue preaching
in obedience to His call for them.
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The Cross Current (TCC) is a local missions ministry that equips by example.

It was a privilege for our TCC training team to again be invited back to Chatham, Ontario to equip more saints and their church leaders for the work of evangelism ministry.

This month a smaller group from Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC) was lead through our one-day intensive training seminar called “Being Biblical Witnesses”.

What are Biblical witnesses? Biblical witnesses are a church of Christ-followers chosen and empowered by God to verbally testify to the truth of Jesus and the Gospel. Scripturally speaking, here is how “Being Biblical Witnesses” adds up for TCC: Biblical EVANGELISM + Biblical APOLOGETICS = Biblical WITNESS.

We believe that Biblical evangelism (advancing the Gospel) plus Biblical apologetics (defending the Gospel) equals being a Biblical witness (i.e. an ambassador of the Gospel). Within this framework, over four interactive sessions we open the Bible together to learn God’s guidelines for both evangelism and apologetics within the local church.

The formal training in the classroom is capped off with field training in the community as we take the Word to the streets to experience the power of these Biblical principles in action.

Not only did the EBC seminar graduates enjoy a personally impacting one-time evangelism outing in their local mission field, but we are very pleased to report that our training time together has since catalyzed the formation of a weekly witnessing team that has been preaching Christ on the streets of Chatham ever since!

Here are a few encouraging words from James MacNeil, the EBC leader who continues to champion the cause of the Gospel in his church and who also brought his team to our Niagara Falls Extreme Team Mission this month:

“Taking part in the August Niagara Mission was incredible. The Lord has drawn me to face to face evangelism over the last several months. Through the guidance of The Cross Current I have been the recipient of great hands on training. I find the podcast encouraging and a constant challenge to move forward as an Ambassador for Christ. In Niagara, with all cylinders firing I met and served with many with more experience, saw firsthand the opposition that we face as Christians bringing the Gospel to a dying world and was inspired to strengthen my own skills as an evangelist for Christ. To not obey Christ’s command to be “His Witnesses” is sin. My prayer is that more and more followers of Christ would passionately pursue this faithful endeavor and embark on their evangelism training as soon as possible.”

Get equipped to equip others in your church with TCC




Christian, has God been growing in you a “holy discontent” with safe and comfortable Christianity? Do you ever wonder why the witness of the early church seems so incompatible with what we experience together today in the church? Are you personally being lead of the Lord to “amp up” your own life and witness for Christ…and do you also long to see your entire Church being Christ’s witnesses together to your world? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then the time has come to take you and your church to the “Extreme”…

In this special summertime series of TCC Radio, you will be joining our equipping evangelists as they lead armies of seed sowers to the streets of Niagara falls to provide exclusive coverage of our Extreme Team Missions. Throughout this series you will experience:

  • Encounters in evangelism with multi-cultural non-Christians
  • Inspiring interviews with Christians
  • Informative in-studio commentary about the importance and impact of Extreme Team Missions with The Cross Current

Jesus said: “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19). This time we are inviting all Christ-followers to go “Fishing at the Falls” with us on TCC Radio.

HEAR “Fishing at the Falls” on TCC Radio NOW!



Let’s continue partnering together to keep our prayer pulse for TCC and the Church in Canada strong!

There are five specific petitions that we humbly request that you, your family, and your church continue lifting up to the Lord on our behalf related to our ministry calendar in September and throughout the rest of the year:

> Fall and Winter Witnessing

Please pray that the Lord motivates and moves all those saints we equipped this summer to continue being faithful in the field over the colder fall and winter witnessing months.

> Herald Society Teaching Academy

As the Lord continues to stir more and more of our leaders to equip the church for the vital work of Gospel proclamation, please pray that our team trip to the Jeremiah Cry Herald Society Teaching Academy in Philadelphia later this month will be fruitful and faith-building for all those involved.

> Church Champions Training Retreats

As equipping evangelists within local churches is the heartbeat of The Cross Current, please pray that the Lord will help us receive all the support we need to host more Church Champions Training Retreats.

> Partnership Opportunities

As outreach radio expansion continues to be a major ministry objective for 2013, please pray that the Lord helps us equip and release additional TCC radio representatives as more partner churches and radio stations embrace the partnership opportunities associated with our outreach broadcast.

> Donations

Canada needs Christ! Please pray that God will speak to the hearts of more and more supporters who will financially support our work of equipping by example pastors, Christians, and their churches to share the Gospel in Canada.

Continue keeping a pulse on our prayer needs

Bookmark our ministry calendar to continue praying for our local missions

We thank God for you, your church, and our partnership in His Gospel!

For His Glory Alone,

The Cross Current Team


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