Welcome to our E-Tools Newsletter for August 2011! This monthly TCC field report also includes strategic outreach resources to encourage, equip, and empower you to more effectively share the Gospel with all the loved ones in your life as we faithfully serve Christ in Canada together.

Speaking at a SUPER Conference

This past month, The Cross Current had the rare privilege of being part of a groundbreaking apologetics conference in partnership with Creation Ministries International (CMI). CMI is a Christian apologetics ministry dedicated to upholding the authority of the Bible by equipping Christians to defend their faith and enabling them to give answers to the questions many people have regarding science and the Bible.The Creation Super Conference took place at the beautiful Muskoka Bible Centre and offered six days of intense teaching designed to equip, motivate, and inspire believers in their walk and witness for Jesus Christ.

The conference hosted a unique combination of professional evangelists, apologists, scientists, and theologians. Among the eleven featured speakers were: Dr. Jonathan Sarfati (author of Refuting Evolution and Refuting Compromise), Gary Bates (author of Alien Intrusion), Dr. Emil Silvestru (scientist and author), Richard Fangrad (co-host of Creation Magazine LIVE!), and Joseph Boot (Pastor of Westminster Chapel in Toronto, and former director of RZIM Canada). Our very own Cory McKenna was also invited to teach – specifically on the subject of creation evangelism.

Right: Cory McKenna connects with speaker and author, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati at the CMI Super Conference

Here was the synopsis for Cory’s session, called “Bringing Truth to Life and Witness”: Jesus commanded all of His followers not just to “know”, but also to “go”! This street-level session will draw on years of Cory’s evangelism experience to equip you with simple yet highly effective ways to use the creation-based information you will learn at the Conference in your day to day conversations with non-believers. Learn effective (field-tested) apologetic tips for talking truth with anyone you share Christ with.

Click here to watch the “On the street with TCC” video that premiered during Cory McKenna’s teaching session

Looking to learn and live out the bottom line basics on what Cory taught at the CMI Super Conference? Download your free “Being a Witness to an Atheist/Evolutionist” booklet on our Free E-Tools webpage here

Not only were there hundreds of Christ-followers in attendance onsite, but over 20,000 more believers were watching the conference live online as well!

Here is just one comment posted to the TCC ministry Facebook page, courtesy of Heather S. from all the way around the world: “Thank you Cory for your CMI broadcast. I watched it live in Queensland, Australia and was greatly encouraged. Thank you!”

Here are a few more humbling endorsements of Cory’s contribution to the Creation Super Conference from the CMI leadership team:

“Cory’s presentation on evangelism toward the end of our Super Conference was one of the most appreciated sessions in the entire Conference. Many people connected with Cory’s Bible-based, practical teaching on how to effectively evangelize, highlighted by his abundant experience “in the fields” talking with people about their need for Christ.  During the presentation Cory explained how the scientific evidences for creation could be used in evangelism. This is what conference attendees appreciated.” ~ Richard Fangrad, CEO of Creation Ministries International Canada

“I thought Cory’s video interviewing people at a Christian Fair was very revealing. Something that CMI and Cory have been aware of for a long time is the exodus of youth leaving our church once they enter higher education. Young Christians are not being equipped with answers so they are able to discern the assumptions being made when alleged “facts” about evolution are being presented to them by teachers on college campuses. Yet, we have so much information available to help them. It’s a crisis and it doesn’t need to be that way. Cory’s work could be invaluable in waking up the church to this problem.”  ~ Gary Bates, CEO of Creation Ministries International (US) and CMI-Worldwide

Click here to listen to Gary Bates on TCC Radio as we go in the studio and on the street surrounding the subject of aliens

Finally, Calvin Smith, CMI speaker and co-host of Creation Magazine LIVE!, adds:

“One session I heard cited by numerous attendees was Cory McKenna’s session on evangelism.  A recurring theme mentioned was how much they valued being shown how to use the information they were being taught throughout the week in witnessing and that they appreciated CMI including sessions the emphasising sharing our faith.  Cory’s experience as a preacher, teacher and evangelist shone through the fatigue of ‘information overload’ many people were experiencing by that time in the week (attendees having already had the opportunity to sit through twenty, one hour sessions by that point!) and regrouped everyone’s focus to the Cross of Christ and His gift of eternal life in a special way. CMI would like to extend our gratitude again to Cory and his ministry team and encourage churches and ministries to experience the blessing of having The Cross Current at their own event.

Click here for more information on having TCC at your own event

Visit Creation Ministries International online at www.creation.com

Extreme Team Mission: Niagara Falls

Jesus said to pray earnestly to the Lord of the Harvest to send out workers into His harvest. Well, suffice to say that this past Saturday, August 13th the Lord answered our prayer by sending out a multitude of faithful seed sowers to the streets of the most populated tourist trap in Canada – Niagara Falls!

Right: 13 year-old Zander Ayton preaches the Gospel open air on the streets of Niagara Falls

Not only did a team of over a dozen disciples from our hometown of London enlist in the mission, but we also had the privilege of helping equip several saints from Harvest Bible Chapel Niagara, a new church plant scheduled to launch in the Fall of this year!

Left: April from Harvest Bible Chapel Niagara Gospel interviews a tourist at her first Extreme Team Mission

The entire mission was accomplished without any resistance…well, almost. Until late afternoon when we were approached by a Niagara Falls Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, who aggressively told us that we couldn’t pass tracts, preach, or even post any kind of signs on the property there. Interestingly, this same officer had confronted us a couple years ago with the same instruction after which I contacted the municipality of Niagara to ask them for a copy of the specific by-law that we had allegedly violated.

Right: Young Bobby Anderson shares the Gospel at his very first Extreme Team Mission

The city promptly faxed us the supposed by-law and after consulting a lawyer, not only did we find out that what we were doing in the Falls had nothing to do with this by-law whatsoever, but it also turns out that the by-law itself is not even in effect anymore! As we are scheduled to preach in Niagara Falls again this summer, we are in the process of further reviewing the matter with the assistance of a lawyer. Please pray for God’s favour on all of our future outreach efforts in the Falls!

Left: Brad Young hits the street – literally – to pass tracts to bikers in Niagara Falls

Click here to see what went down when local authorities tried to shut down another TCC street preaching session
Thankfully, through the collective teamwork of our more experienced evangelism mentors, many new Christ-followers were equipped at this local mission with the hands-on training and tools they needed to faithfully share Christ in the Falls and to continue growing strong in all of their evangelistic efforts.

Here is a testimony from Luke Thompson, a student from the University of Waterloo who street witnessed and preached open air for the first time at this Niagara Extreme Team Mission:

My recent experience with The Cross Current (TCC) in Niagara Falls was incredible. It was the first time I had ever gone on a witnessing mission before, and to be honest, I was a little nervous and didn’t really know what to expect. Having only been a Christian for two years, my experience with TCC really challenged me in my faith. I had to remind myself that the moment I step out of MY comfort zone I am stepping right into GOD’S. Jesus calls us to be his witnesses to matter how frightening it may be.
I would like to say that I became more comfortable as the day progressed, but I continually felt stretched in my faith. God planted the idea of open air preaching in my heart months before committing to this mission with TCC. When I first pondered this idea I was struck with fear (“you don’t really want ME to do this, do you LORD?”), as the idea seemed just too radical. But, by Gods grace, He gave me the courage to “get my feet wet” by standing up and proclaiming John 3:16 to the streets of Niagara Falls!

In my experience as a Christian, I have noticed that walking in obedience can seem fearful, but when it is over, there is an indescribable amount of joy and peace that I experience. Fruits of the Holy Spirit can only be fully appreciated after working for Jesus and I would encourage all Christ-followers to boldly take the same step of faith and preach His Word!

In fact, check out the clips of Luke and the rest of our team caught and assembled by our videographer in this Vimeo short below!


Click here for more information on taking your church to the evangelism extreme with TCC

(Approximate) TCC Seed Sowing Stats for Summer 2011:

Saints equipped: 250-300

Gospel tracts passed: 15,000+

One-to-one conversations shared: 300+

Open air messages preached: 50-60


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This training system includes: 4-Disc DVD set, Facilitator Guide and Participant Workbook sample pages for photocopying, TCC Witnessing Quick Reference Cards (25 qty.), TCC Million Dollar Bill Gospel tracts (100 qty.), and a Supplementary Resource CD. Upon starting your group training, you can also register to receive a username and password for our Witnessing Workshop Support Site, a special site developed to further “e-quip” group Facilitators and Participants with the web-based resources and support they need along their way to course completion.

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Your Prayer Pulse for September

Let’s continue partnering together to keep our prayer pulse for TCC and the Church in Canada strong!

We humbly ask you, your family, and your church to remember to pray for the following TCC ministry needs in September:

Extreme Team Mission (XTM) Niagara Falls – Part 2 | September 3rd –  Please pray for God’s protection and favour as our Niagara Extreme Team again preaches the Gospel to thousands of people on the streets of Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls.

TCC Radio Apologetic Series | September to October – Please pray for this powerful presuppositional apologetic series as our outreach radio team works with Sye Ten Bruggencate of Sinner Ministries both in the studio and on the street to equip the church to engage the culture with irrefutible proof that God exists.

Weekly Witnessing | As Fall approaches, followed by the cold winter witnessing months, please pray that the Lord continues to move more and more of His workers into His harvest field for faithful weekly witnessing.

Continue keeping a pulse on our prayer needs

Bookmark our ministry calendar to continue praying for our local missions

We again thank God for you and your partnership in preaching the Gospel.

For His Glory Alone,

The Cross Current Team

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