Welcome to our April E-Tools Newsletter. This monthly TCC field report also includes outreach resources to encourage and equip you to more faithfully share the Gospel with all those lost in your life as we witness for Christ in Canada together.


This month, Cory McKenna (President of The Cross Current), was privileged to equip a group of students at the Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) in Canada.
This onsite/offsite seminar took place over 2 parts: In part 1, Cory came onsite to WOLBI in Owen Sound, Ontario to provide practical classroom training on Being Biblical Witnesses through advancing and defending the Gospel together. In part 2, the students were lead by The Cross Current to the streets of Hamilton, Ontario to witness the Word of Life first hand through tracting, witnessing one-to-one, and open air preaching.

Here are a few encouraging words from the Administrator and Student Intern at WOLBI:I just wanted to thank you for the ministry you provided here at the Bible Institute to our students! All that I have heard from the students is that they had an amazing  time of learning and growth. They also came back very excited about sharing the Gospel!I am also excited to share with you that our students will be out again this Saturday on the streets of Owen Sound to share their faith. After this time in Hamilton, one of the students has been encouraging other students to participate!

We appreciate the work you are doing through The Cross Current! We pray that God will continue to use you and the ministry to make His Name known!

~ Lauren Sink and Benjamin Wouda, Word of Life Bible Institute

Here are more several testimonies from WOLBI students who completed this mission together:

Attending The Cross Current training was very practical, resourceful, and helpful in regards to evangelism. There really isn’t this kind of training available in our Canadian churches today. Sharing the Gospel is a command from Christ, and Cory, through his teaching, helped me realistically and biblically see how to do this. ~ Sarah Reid

This was an awesome opportunity to see the power of sharing God’s Word in love and truth. This ministry seeks to give God the glory due His Name by simple submission to Christ and His Word in all areas of life, especially when it comes to telling the truth about Him.

Praise the Lord! ~ Mitchell Elliott

This course was a good reminder to me that our faith and the Gospel message is rooted in Christ. It has given me a practical basis for how to share the Gospel and encouraged me to actually go out and do it. I definitely recommend it to others. ~ Nathan Harris

We are commanded to be Christ’s witnesses! All Christians should take this training and use it. I never thought that the Gospel and apologetics could be this simple. ~ Sam Reider

Attending this class gave me confidence by showing me other ways I could talk to people about God in daily life and open air evangelism. ~ Ethan Iza

The training really showed me how its not hard to evangelize – we’ve made it in our own heads a real complicated thing! It’s all about simple Truth – God’s Truth – the Truth of Christ! ~ Rafe Jamieson

Growing in your knowledge of faith in Christ and being able to share it with our neighbours in our community is only by God’s grace. Thank you for sharing! ~ Mary Dubuc

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The Cross Current exists to equip the church by example to more faithfully proclaim the Gospel in all personal and community relationships.

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On Sunday April 6th, another Gospel Outreach Team from our home church hit the streets of our hometown to complete our annual Easter outreach mission. On this sunny Spring afternoon, God graciously brought together seed sowers of all ages, sizes, and cultures to share the Good News of Good Friday with our community.

One particular family of five stepped out in faith to be on mission together through passing tracts and witnessing one-to-one with passerby’s in the downtown core. These are the testimonies of each family member – in their own words:)…

Eden (age 6) | I like playing with my sister, baking cupcakes and going out with my daddy.

I went to hand out bunny tracts to let the people know about Jesus. I learned that handing them out was fun because we got to be outside in the sunny weather and we also got to hand out chocolates, stickers, pencils, balloons, hot chocolate and water bottles. I learned that some people wanted to take the tracts and some people didn’t want to. I think people should come to the sidewalk to hand out tracts because it is a fun day.

Ashlyn (age 8) | I love horse riding, Summertime and playing with dolls.

I went to the Easter outreach to tell other people about Jesus and what He did for us at Easter. On that day while we were handing out Easter tracts the Lord taught me that there are a lot of people that love their sin more than they love Jesus. Something great that happened to me that afternoon was that I handed a man a tract and he took it, I decided to also give him a bible. He told me that he wasn’t a Christian. I said ‘well maybe if you read this you will become one’ and he said ‘maybe I will’ and put it into his backpack. If someone asked me if they should go to an outreach with the church I would say ‘it’s fun, you just hand out tracts and you never know if God will change their lives.

Gabe (age 10) | I like swimming, reading, and shooting my friends with a Nerf gun.

I went to the Easter outreach because I wanted to glorify God by handing out tracts and sharing the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection. I learned that there are people who don’t want to be told that the Easter bunny is just a dude in a suit. I also learned that there will always be people who think that they don’t need God, that their life is good and they don’t need a Saviour. For example, I met a man who told me that he had had 7 heart attacks, 2 strokes and 2 overdoses…he said I should have told him the good news before all of that happened, and that now he was certain that he didn’t need God. If you asked me if you should come to an outreach I would say …come, because you could change peoples lives, and might see those same people in heaven one day.

Leanne| A 34 year-old homeschooling mom of 3 kids. I love chocolate, my bathroom door locking mechanism, and eating chocolate in my bathroom…alone.

Somehow Cory (McKenna) found out that I have a camera and that I like to pretend I know how to use it, and he’s invited me out to photograph some of their outreach events.  I get the privilege of watching the Lords work through a lens. I wish I could articulate to you the incredible beauty I see while watching the gospel unleashed through these ordinary people. From the simple gesture of a passed tract, to the handing of a water bottle … It’s there. He’s there. Every time The Lord shows me that these people are just like you and I, although many are less fortunate in that they don’t know our Saviour.  Sometimes the physical needs of these strangers are obvious, like when compassion, a bottle of water and an energy bar go a long way, but other times you know that their mindless slipping of an Easter tract into their coat pocket, to be read at a later date, is what the Lord had planned for their awakening to a life with Christ. It doesn’t take any special pre-requisite gifts or talents to be able to come out and take part in these outreach days, just 2 hands and a heart for Jesus (Unless you don’t have hands, and that’s totally okay too, you’ve still got a heart! ..that part’s, kind of, you know.. compulsory 🙂

Dwight | Age 37 year-old dad of three kids, married to my best friend, Leanne.I teach grade 5 Sunday school and I lead a men’s group. It is our passion to have our children to grow to know and follow Christ all of their days!

When Cory first asked Leanne to take photos, I tagged along. Little did I know that each time I went out God was growing me. Gaining confidence to talk to people about Christ but also being sad for those that don’t want Him. Compassion is not one of my fortes. I think that a lot of the reasons we don’t go out to witness, is the fear that we will see how sad the state of the world really is. Fear drives us to hide and to shelter our children. However, I found it difficult to tell our children that it is Gods command to go and share the gospel when I was not doing it. We wanted our children to do something that we were never taught or encouraged to do and that was to share the gospel. As men we are called to lead and to lead by example. As hard as the first time is and every time after, I want to encourage you to come and join our family and the many others that go witnessing. You will be blessed and as my wife Leanne and our three children stated it is rewarding and will help strengthen your walk, and cause growth in areas you didn’t know you were capable of. May God Bless you and your families! 

We trust that these simple Gospel glory stories will inspire Dad’s and Mom’s everywhere to follow the example of Christ and be a family on mission together!

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Christians all want our lost loved ones saved, but how can we help them see clearly why Jesus has to be the only way?

Contrary to the opinion of cultural Christianity, urgently telling someone the truth is the most loving thing we can do – even if it hurts, and especially if it’s a matter of life and death.

The story of the rich young ruler in Mark 10 depicts a man who knew that he needed to change, but in the end, he didn’t want to change.

Through the evangelistic example of Jesus, we learn how God shared Scriptural truth in light of eternity to help sinners realize that being “good enough” for heaven is totally impossible…without Him.

In this “groundbreaking” Gospel series, we follow in the footsteps of Jesus Himself to help Christians build a rock-solid foundation for Biblical evangelism.

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Let’s continue partnering together to keep our prayer pulse for TCC and the Church in Canada strong!

We humbly ask you, your family, and your church to remember to pray for the following TCC ministry needs in May:

> Church Champion Training Retreat | May 8th to 10th (London, ON) – As equipping evangelists within local churches is the heartbeat of The Cross Current, please pray that the Lord will help us with all logistics related to this year’s Church Champions Training Retreat and for the overall fruitfulness of our training time together.

> TCC Ministry Coordination – Please pray for the Lord to bring the laborers necessary to help us contact and coordinate more ministry with churches and radio stations toward fulfilling our mission.

Continue keeping a pulse on our prayer needs

Bookmark our ministry calendar to continue praying for our local missions

We again thank God for you, your church, and our partnership in the Gospel.

For His Glory Alone,

The Cross Current Team


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