Welcome to our first E-Tools Newsletter of 2013! This monthly TCC field report also includes helpful outreach resources to encourage and equip you to more faithfully share the Gospel with all the loved ones in your life as we witness for Christ in Canada together.


The Cross Current Radio Show is expanding across the airwaves in Canada!We are very pleased to announce that this month TCC Radio officially began broadcasting on Faith FM 94.3 in the Waterloo Region of Southern Ontario.

This new outreach radio mission launches in a tripod partnership with a local team of TCC Radio Reps, a sponsoring local church, and a local Christian radio station.

TCC Radio Testimonials

Here are a few encouraging words from a couple key leaders about the potential of our new partnership together:

“We at Harvest Waterloo Region are extremely excited to be partnering with TCC Radio in the work of the Gospel. The decision to support and partner with a radio program that exemplifies Gospel-centered ministry and encourages Christians in the work of evangelism was a no-brainer for us. We are expectant for how God will use this partnership to equip the saints, save sinners, and, most of all, glorify His name.”

Will Shuurman serves as Director of Family Ministries at Harvest Bible Chapel Waterloo Region. Will has a passion to see God glorified through the fulfillment of the Great Commission and can’t wait for the day where every tribe, tongue, and nation will be reached with the Gospel message.

“We are very excited to be representing TCC Radio in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region, as it means the Gospel will be shared on a broader scale via radio. It will be a great tool to encourage other local Christians to be Christ’s witnesses and partner with us in sharing the Gospel. Also, from a radio standpoint, it allows us as a team to reach people with whom we would otherwise not have been able to make contact. Seeing the Gospel being advanced is the most exciting news I can think of!”

Chris Wagler serves as a TCC Radio Field Representative and Extreme Gospel Outreach “GO” Team leader of Harvest Bible Chapel Waterloo Region. He is passionate about preaching the Gospel and equipping the church to do the same. Chris is also a graduate of the 2012 TCC Church Champion Training Retreat.

Outreach Radio Opportunities

Canada needs Christ.

This has become the all-consuming cry of our hearts as we share the Gospel on the streets of Canada each week.

Likewise, it has also become the battle cry of our outreach radio ministry as we broadcast and podcast the testimonies and real Gospel conversations that God allows us to experience with Christian and non-Christian Canadians.

Here is a snapshot of the outreach opportunities associated with TCC Radio for Christians, Churches, and Radio Stations:

Opportunities for Christians. The Cross Current equips evangelists within their respective locations under the direction of their local churches to serve as TCC Radio Field Representatives (Reps).

Opportunities for Churches. TCC unifies with carefully selected Partner Churches to labour alongside church leaders towards more faithful Gospel proclamation.

Opportunities for Radio Stations. TCC Radio is a street-level spoken word program that will help bring stations more balanced programming by CRTC standards due to the fact that our “spiritual speakers’ corner” format invites diverse cultural exchange.

Are you looking to prayerfully partner with The Cross Current and TCC Radio to proclaim Christ across the airwaves in Canada?

Explore your TCC Radio opportunities in more detail

3 Minutes to Live

What if you only had a year to live? A month? A week? One day? What if you only had 3 minutes to live? What would be your top priorities?

We are all just one heartbeat away from eternity. Where will you spend yours?

Hear the teaser trailer for our next series on TCC Radio


The Cross Current (TCC) is a local missions ministry that equips by example by providing onsite and offsite training that helps leaders train and sustain their entire churches to normalize sharing the Gospel in all personal and community relationships.

As a servant ministry with and for the local church, we acknowledge that though God has uniquely gifted some as equipping evangelists, He also holds each individual Christ-follower responsible to do the work of an evangelist by preaching the Gospel.

Further, as the majority of believers in most churches will not join a street evangelism team, TCC is passionate about helping equipping evangelists train everyone in their churches to be bold and faithful witnesses to all the lost loved ones God has placed in their lives.

Here are just a couple inspiring “glory stories” from graduates of our Witnessing Workshop Local Church Training System who have been faithfully preaching the Gospel not just with strangers on the street, but with family and friends as well…

Ashley Dew shares:

Funerals can be a weird, sometimes awkward time in our lives. They come with difficult emotions, a heavy glance over the span of a life, most often, a glance over your own life. Often it stirs us into making changes, forcing us to step out and try new things, and asking ourselves: “What comes after this life?”

The beginning of January held this exact experience for me. But gladly I can say it wasn’t from mourning, or an awkward moment. My eyes were wide open to the shocking realization that so many people haven’t even heard the Gospel. We hear this a lot, witnessing first-hand on the streets during weekly witnessing, but I quickly remove this truth from the circle of my family/friends back home.

With this on my heart for my family, I was able to step out and talk to my them about the truth, and share the Gospel in a conversation that would typically shut down before it started. This time I was able to share the difference of life with Christ and without, what it means to be saved, how someone is saved and answer some really heavy questions on the reality of hell.

The training that I went through with The Cross Current, and my weekly witnessing team, gave me the knowledge and the skills to move through this conversation, and allow for dialogue. I had answers to questions, and when things were railroaded I was able to bring them back on track.

Not only has the training helped me to deliver the Gospel message easily with those in our outreach programs, but it also allows me to open up and share more with friends/family, I don’t second guess my words. It has also given me the patience to move through conversations, allowing the Gospel to be presented – not my feelings or my opinions. After all – it is not about me, I have no strength in this, I don’t have the words on my own, or weight to change someone’s heart/life, it is all about Christ, and it is all of God.

Committing to a weekly witnessing team has truly impacted my walk with Christ, by encouraging me to be in the Word and studying scriptures. As I hear questions on the street, I want to find the answers in the Word, examples to easily illustrate the truth, and share my life and my love for Christ with the lost.

Ashley Dew is an Administrative Assistant with Harvest Bible Chapel London. She has a passion for global missions and serving abroad. Ashley serves on the Harvest London weekly Extreme GO Team, which has been intensely growing her passion for sharing the Gospel and the importance of local missions.

Edin Azabagic writes:

I have been one of the members of the weekly witnessing GO Team for about a year. Being exposed to regular sharing of my faith with strangers on the streets has given me a new outlook on evangelism.

Recently, I had an opportunity to witness to a couple of family members. I had shared my faith with them on previous occasions, however this time I was more comfortable with sharing as I had learned how to biblically share the Gospel through the witnessing training that TCC offers.

The conversation with my family members was pretty typical. I was told that Christians are unreasonable and that the non-Christians are those who have more tolerance. I was also told that as a Christian, I have an uncompromising attitude of judgment of all people, especially considering that most people are really not that bad.

Well, if people are compared to the norms of society, most of them are pretty good! However, during my conversation I was able to explain how everyone should consider whether they are good people in the eyes of God and His Law, the Ten Commandments. According to that standard, everyone is guilty as each person has lied, stolen, used God’s Name in vain, etc. I also explained that the punishment for those guilty for breaking God’s Law is hell. I proceeded to share the Good News of Christianity, of how the guilty sinners are redeemed and reconciled to God through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

I emphasized that I shared the Gospel because I love my family and do not want to see them standing in their sins on the Judgment Day. I am grateful to be equipped by TCC on how to biblically share and defend our faith. Namely, by using the Law of God, which the Holy Spirit can use to convict the conscience of the sinner, followed by the explanation of the grace of God, which the Holy Spirit can use to bring the sinner to repentance with trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Edin Azabagic serves as an Extreme GO Team Leader with Harvest Bible Chapel London. Born in Bosnia, Edin left his home country in 1995 due to war and came to Canada, where he was soon saved. He is passionate about Protestant Christian Theology and the biblical defense of the faith.

Watch a Witnessing Workshop session on sharing Christ with loved ones

Access practical training in personal witnessing with TCC


Few things send fear into the heart of a Christ-follower like the thought of preaching the Gospel open air in the public square – especially when the weather hits twenty below zero!

Yet, it was Charles Spurgeon who wrote: “No sort of defense is needed for preaching outdoors, but it would take a very strong argument to prove that a man who has never preached beyond the walls of his meetinghouse has done his duty.”

The Bible is full of those who preached God’s Word open air. Noah, Moses, Jonah, Peter, Paul, and – of course – Jesus Himself…just to name a few. Preaching the Gospel open air is biblical and that’s why The Cross Current does it an equips other Christ-followers to do it too.

We trust that you will be encouraged and exhorted by the following testimonies of three men from the Extreme GO Team of Harvest Bible Chapel London who “broke the sound barrier” by preaching the Gospel in the open air for the first time this month…

Paul Drane writes:

I was born again in February of 2012 and have been going out with the Friday night Extreme GO Team for 3 or 4 months fairly regularly. I can hardly put into words what the experience has been like going out on Friday nights…

Since I am new to this and need to learn, mostly I listen to the conversations and the open air preaching, mostly thinking that it seems exactly like what the early church in the book of Acts must have been like. During these few months I have had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a few people which has been such a privilege and joy.

On Friday, January 18th, as 2 other men were preaching, Jeff Mardling (a Senior Team Leader with TCC) came and encouraged 3 of us who had never open air preached before to stand up and say something to testify to our King, read the back of the tract or John 3:16, just something. I was hesitant and pretty scared to tell the truth. I wish I could think of some eloquent thing to say about what got me to go up there at the time; I guess I just knew that it was the right thing to do.

I climbed on top of the pillar, heart pounding, began to speak and the speaker began to squeal. I couldn’t believe it! Once I got it shut off I lifted my voice and read the Gospel message from the million dollar tract. I don’t think I heard a thing anyone said while they walked by, during that minute I felt my heart race but felt calmer as I went, it was amazing.

I have had much time since then to contemplate those 60 seconds. God allowed me to share His message of judgment and reconciliation with probably a couple hundred people and even now as I write this I am humbled even more by how amazing His grace to me is.

I have found in my own life that the more faithful I am in my witness for Jesus the more joy He gives me. My encouragement to every follower of Jesus Christ is to be bold and faithful as His witnesses while there is still time. Imagine if the person who shared Christ with you had been too timid to tell you.

Paul Drane desires to bring glory to God by sharing His glorious Gospel. He faithfully serves as an apprentice leader on a Men’s Mission GO Team and also as a member of the weekly Extreme GO Team at Harvest London. Paul lives in London, Ontario with his wife of 17 years, Marsha.

Jordan Cecile shares:

Before attending Harvest Bible Chapel, I had never given much thought to open air preaching. I had seen street preaching in the past but never really understood why they were doing it and certainly didn’t see myself doing it. It was after speaking with two members of the Harvest GO Team, and seeing their passion for witnessing, that I decided to experience it for myself.

After a few months of one-on-one witnessing I was asked if I wanted to preach, and against my initial reluctance I stood up and read a gospel tract. Even though it was a slightly terrifying thought beforehand, it is amazing how confident I felt as I spoke God’s truth in front of passersby in downtown London.

Isaiah 41:10 has never been more true in my own life: “So do not fear for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

I truly believe that it was God speaking through me that night. It is extremely comforting knowing that when we take bold steps of obedience, God will be standing right beside us, giving us the words to say and the strength to say them, even when we don’t think we are adequate or worthy of sharing his love.

Jordan Cecile’s passion is to work with and share the Gospel with youth so they can develop authentic relationships with Christ. He attends Harvest London, where he faithfully serves as a member of the weekly Extreme GO Team each Friday night.

Josh Millar writes:

Recently God has blessed me with the opportunity to share the Gospel in a way that I never expected. 

Over the last year I’ve been praying for the Lord to use me for his will. This is what first placed the desire in my heart to share the Gospel.

I had known that there was an outreach team in my church but never took the time to fit that into my schedule. I went online and found out that every Friday a team goes into the city of London to witness to others. This was an issue because my work schedule did not allow me to have that night off.

After months of praying for an opportunity I finally was able to get a Friday night off. I met up with the GO Team at Victoria park and started walking the city. This was one of the most terrifying experiences I have had in a while. The night was very humbling yet I was thankful that God allowed me the chance to share the gospel with anyone who would listen.

After that night I was amazed to find that my work now no longer needed me to attend my Friday night shifts. This allowed me to go out again which was such an answer to prayer. It was this second time that one of the team members encouraged me to try giving a 1 minute gospel message – OPEN AIR.

With much fear I asked the Lord for the strength and courage to boldly share in his name. After being up there for a minute (felt like an hour) I stepped down and thanked the Lord. I can now only look back in wonder at how the Lord used me. I never expected that I would ever be in that situation but the Lord gave me everything I needed for his Glory that night.

I now pray that others would step out in faith and trust that the Lord will give them everything they need when working for his glory. I NEVER would of expected this to happen to me. Praise God!

Josh Millar has been a Christian since 2009. He joyfully testifies: “The Lord has changed my life completely since salvation. Instead of being the selfish, greedy, fool that I was, I now live a life devoted to bringing glory to God.” Josh attends Harvest Bible Chapel London with his wife Susan.

Watch Josh preach in “Breaking the Sound Barrier”

It was open air preacher, Ray Comfort, who said: “A faithful open air preacher can reach more people for Christ in 30 minutes than the average church can in 5 years.”

After all, the only difference between preaching the Gospel to crowds in the open air and sharing Christ with individuals one-to-one is the sheer volume of seed sown in the same time period.

So, in the end, regardless of whether you are called to sow seed in single units or in handfuls, the purpose is the same…we must go and sow, Christian!

Hear our open air preaching special on TCC Radio

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Let’s continue partnering together to keep our prayer pulse for TCC and the Church in Canada strong!

There are three very specific petitions that we humbly request that you, your family, and your church present before the Lord on our behalf related to where we believe He is leading us in 2013:

> Church Champions Training Retreats

As equipping evangelists within local churches is the heartbeat of The Cross Current, please pray that the Lord will help us with all logistics related to this year’s Church Champions Training Retreat(s), and for the overall fruitfulness of each training time together.

> Rep & Radio expansion

As outreach radio expansion will be one of our major objectives for 2013, please pray that the Lord helps us equip and release more TCC radio representatives from solid partner churches, and that many radio executives and stations will begin broadcasting our program.

> Financial support

Canada needs Christ! Please pray that God will speak to the hearts of more and more supporters who will give generously and cheerfully to our work of equipping by example pastors, Christians, and their churches to share the Gospel in Canada.

Continue keeping a pulse on our prayer needs

Bookmark our ministry calendar to continue praying for our local missions

We thank God for you, your church, and our partnership in His Gospel!

For His Glory Alone,

The Cross Current Team

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