TCC Radio blasts into Brantford!

This past Saturday, September 5th at 6:30 PM EST, The Cross Current Radio Show officially began broadcasting on 93.9 Faith FM in Brantford, Ontario.

Do you know of any evangelistic local churches in the Brantford area open to the possibility of exploring a Gospel broadcast partnership with us?

Take a minute to scan the opportunities for Christians and their churches …

“Our church hosted an evangelism training session with The Cross Current. The training is Biblically-focused, Christ-centred, and Spirit-dependent, which then encouraged many of our people to step out of our comfort zones and share the gospel with many people we had never before met. I highly recommend the ministry of The Cross Current to any church desiring to equip your people to make a difference in your community with the gospel of Jesus Christ to the glory of God.
~ Pastor Kevin Weeks
Apologetics. Heard of it? Er…them? An apologetic is simply a defense of the Christian faith. That said, while many say: “I can’t give a defense for my faith in such an educated culture!”, Scripture commands: “Yes, you can…and you must!” In fact, doing so is much simpler than the majority of modern believers have made it. Listen to a new teaching on this subject from our Audio Resource Library called “A Holy and Hopeful Defense” … GO
Will you give to Gospel expansion with us? We are hoping and praying to air out outreach radio show further across Canada and to equip more Christians and their churches to urgently share Christ…while there’s still time! If you are a Christ-follower who cares, please take just 5 minutes to hear a simple support appeal for “Airing & Sharing” the Gospel across CanadaGO