Witnessing in Woodstock … with TCC Radio!

On Friday, March 4th at 10:00 PM EST, The Cross Current Radio Show officially began broadcasting on Hope FM 94.3 in Woodstock, Ontario.

Do you know that the Gospel is now being shared on TCC Radio in more than 10 broadcast locations across Ontario PLUS we also podcast on iTunes?

Click on the link below to access our current broadcast locations …






Poverty. What is it? Will it ever end? Jesus said that we will always have the poor with us, but what exactly are we supposed to do it about it? Join our outreach radio team in the studio and on the street this April as we hear God’s heart on this worldwide problem that only He can solve. Click HERE to listen to the trailer for this series and HERE to go directly to our radio program page.

Did you know that The Cross Current can equip you and your church to “normalize” sharing Christ in your personal relationships? As most Christ-followers spend most of their time with lost loved ones, our training always begins in the context of personal witness. Click HERE to listen to the very first personal witnessing segment on TCC Radio and HERE to access the new training section of our website.

We praise God for moving our outreach radio ministry another exciting step forward into Woodstock, Ontario! Will you prayerfully give to our great mission of “Airing & Sharing” Christ further across Canada? If so,¬†click HERE to listen to our new “Airing & Sharing” appeal currently playing on TCC Radio and HERE to give!