Welcome to our NEW e-Newsletter!

Canada STILL needs Christ!

After almost 8 years of evangelism and discipleship ministry with the Body of Christ, the leaders of The Cross Current have prayerfully and urgently sensed the Lord leading us to focus more on the widespread preaching of Christ here in Canada.

Our first intentional steps toward accomplishing this objective are:

  • Expanding our outreach radio broadcast to more listeners
  • Extending our outreach resources for free
  • Developing a new and improved website
  • Distributing this new streamlined e-newsletter

We thank God for you and your prayers over the last few years and we trust you and your church will continue “going” together as we prepare for the return of our conquering King!

The Cross Current Team

IconTemplate_Radio… we love listening to The Cross Current Radio show in the car with our kids. It gives us a chance to talk about what other people believe and think, and how much they need Jesus. On a personal level, listening to the street evangelism filled with love, compassion, and a genuine desire to share the Gospel, has inspired and equipped me in sharing my faith … GO
IconTemplate_GospelOur Gospel resources are now being shared free of charge to equip all faithful ambassadors and witnesses for Jesus Christ to give God’s free gift for free. These free resources include: our Web-based Witnessing Workshop, Gospel tracts, Worldview tools, and much more … GO
IconTemplate_GiveWill you give for us to go? While these are exciting and urgent days, we know that true Gospel advancement will only be possible through increased prayer and financial support from more like-minded Christ-followers like you … GO