We all want to spend eternity with those we love most in this world – our family and friends. Yet, we all know that our lost loved ones are often the most challenging to evangelize due to the fact that there is so much to lose if things don’t go well!

So how can you witness this Christmas in winsome ways? Good question!

First, CLICK HERE to connect with a one-hour personal witness workshop. In this interactive session we will open Scripture together to learn basics of biblical evangelism. Attendees will be e-quipped to normalize sharing Christ in all your personal relationships.

Also, as you enjoy a little holiday hang-time this season, here are five simple and winsome ways to witness with lost loved ones this Christmas:

1. Witness this Christmas … by PEN.

Many people still send their loved ones a family update for the year. Instead of sharing everything you did in your life in 2014, why not make the most of the opportunity and share the good news and everything God did in your life in 2014?

It is important that this letter is handwritten and not typed, as it communicates the time and care you put into involving them in your life. Handwriting heartfelt letters to the loved ones you have been praying for will give you opportunity to testify to who Christ really is, why He came to the earth, and how He has changed your life since you’ve repented of your sin and put your faith in Him.

2. Witness this Christmas … by PORTABLE RECORDER.

Taking the time to record a simple audio message is another powerful and relational way to share the real Reason for the season with all of your family and friends. Amidst all of the holiday hustle and bustle, many shoppers lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas – if they ever knew it at all!

We would encourage you to follow the evangelistic example of Jesus in John 4 when He witnessed to the woman at the well. Starting in the natural and then swinging to the spiritual, you can begin by referencing one of the many cherished classic Christmas carols before bridging to the hope of the Gospel. As a guideline for time, 150 words per minute is about average talking speed. This means that a 5 minute audio recording will require a script of about 750 words.

Click here to listen to a sample audio Christmas Greeting for family and friends

Click here to download a sample Christmas Gospel script

3. Witness this Christmas … by PRAYER.

Many (if not most) families feel an obligation to say grace before diving in to Christmas dinner – whether they profess Christ as Lord or not. While we all know that such man-made traditions are really nothing more than religious lip service, why not extend an offer ahead of time to say the token prayer this year…and make it count for eternity?

This is by no means giving sanction to preach a twenty minute summary of Jonathan Edwards’ “Sinners in the Hands of Angry God”! However, a short testimonial prayer about how thankful you are for God sending His only Son into the world to save sinners from His wrath could be very timely and appropriate. Remember: Jesus IS the reason for the season, so go for it!

4. Witness this Christmas … by BIBLE.

What better gift to give at the advent of God’s Word becoming flesh than God’s Word?

To equip yourself and your church to share the Good News this Christmas, we encourage you to pick up quantities of reliably translated and reasonably priced outreach Bibles. After all, God’s Word is truly the gift that keeps in giving!

You can then use a Christmas service invite card from your church to bookmark Luke Chapter 2, and read with them the true story of the Savior’s birth, as recorded in the pages of their new Bible!

5. Witness this Christmas … with a PARTY!

This is a fun and non-confrontational way to remind people what Christmas is truly all about.

It simply involves baking a birthday cake and decorating it with the words: “Happy Birthday Jesus”. You can then cut it up, put small pieces on paper plates, and bring them to all the non-Christians on your prayer list. If you really want to go “all out”, you can include a birthday card to share the Gospel and even sing “Happy Birthday”!

Seriously, can you imagine if we all held the biggest birthday party in the world, bought gifts for each other, but neglected to even say “Happy Birthday” to the guest of honour who is actually celebrating his birthday?

While we’re all well aware that December 25th is not Jesus’ real birth date, this is still a great way to keep Christ in Christmas and break the ice into sharing the Gospel with the lost loved ones in your life.

In closing, after you step out in faith and sow the seed of the Gospel into the hearts of your lost loved ones, why not invite them to church over Christmas? After all, now that the light of Christ is finally out from under the bushel, you can pray that God will shine in their hearts to give the light of the knowledge of His glory in the face of Jesus Christ!

PS: Listen to our outreach radio reps keep the Christ in Christmas with average, everyday Canadians on our TCC Radio special, “Good News of Great Joy”!

~ Cory McKenna & The Cross Current Team