Winsome Ways to Witness this Christmas!

We all want to spend eternity with those we love most in this world – our family and friends. Yet, we all know that our lost loved ones are often the most challenging to evangelize due to the fact that there is so much to lose if things don’t go well! So how can you witness this Christmas in winsome ways? Good question! First, ...

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Good News of Great Joy! | Series Synopsis + Trailer

Do you know that Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year for sharing Christ?

In this outreach radio series, you’ll hear several real-life conversations on the street with non-Christians surrounding the subject of Christmas, along with their reaction to the Good News of great joy that a Saviour has been born!

TCC Radio host Cory McKenna will also be closing out each episode in the studio by sharing quick tips for keeping Christ in Christmas with family and friends, along with hints from Scripture to help us all make the most of Christmas in our life and witness this season.

Remember: the greatest and most miraculous “good” of the Good News is God Himself!

Listen to the teaser trailer for this series now!

Hear Cory McKenna on 100 Huntley Street!

Hear Cory McKenna this Wednesday, November 15th on … Though it’s been a little while since we’ve been in touch with you via newsletter, please know that because of your ongoing support much Gospel Outreach ministry and training has been happening through The Cross Current and TCC Radio! Left: Cory McKenna and his wife, Dawn, wait backstage at Crossroads Communications for the call to ...

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Ministry Alert! Cease & Desist (Please Read)

For the first time in our 10+ years of ministry, we have been issued an official “cease and desist” by the Bank of Canada. Effective immediately, we have been asked to refrain from the production and distribution of our Canada 150 Gospel tracts as they contain design elements too close in likeness to those found on genuine bank notes. We thank you and your ...

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