It seems somewhat providential that the same year our ministry turns 10, our country turns 150! That’s why we’re prayerfully deploying an evangelism equipping campaign for Christians and their local churches.

This milestone marks a once in a lifetime opportunity to invite our lost loved ones to appreciate and celebrate our Christ-centered heritage together.

Throughout 2017 The Cross Current will be equipping Christians and their churches by example to “go” and share Christ together in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Free Live Webinar!

Cory_TrainingYou’re invited to a free live webinar with our President and Program Host, Cory McKenna.

CLICK HERE to listen to our 30 second commercial for this event.

Not only will you learn how to instruct, inspire, and involve your church in sharing Christ together for Canada 150, but for simply watching the webinar you’ll receive free Gospel resources too!

Spots are limited, so reserve yours today by clicking HERE

Sharing Christ in Ottawa on Canada Day

CanadaDayOutreachWhat more populated and eternally productive place to “go” for “Canada 150” than our nation’s capital on Canada Day? That’s why we already have plans in place to lead the largest Gospel Outreach in the history of our ministry in Ottawa on July 1st. We’re calling this “GO Canada 150” … and you can “go” with us too!

How can you support this milestone local mission:

  • PRAY! Please set a reminder to pray for God’s great grace to rest upon all people and plans associated with this mission.
  • GIVE! With thousands upon thousands of Gospel tracts needing to be printed and passed out, will you please CLICK HERE and give in practical support of this mission?
  • GO! If you are being lead of the Lord to actually enlist for this mission and “go” to Ottawa with us, please CLICK HERE and message our senior team leader, Jeff Mardling, directly.

We thank God for you and your partnership in “Canada 150” with The Cross Current!