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We praise God for overseas missionaries who are taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. However, as you look across the landscape of your own community and country, there is also much missions work to be done locally for the Lord right here at home.

Canada was built on a foundation of Christianity and reverence for our sovereign God. In fact, Canada’s national motto is even a reference to Psalm 72:8. But that was then, and this is now: Of people under 29 years of age in Canada, only 12% have ever attended church. Of those who have, only 12% are attending now. (Source: Campus Crusades for Christ)

Thankfully, the future of our nation does not rest in the hands of politicians, businesspeople, or social reformers, but in the hands of Almighty God. Now, more than ever, His Church needs to come together from sea to sea to humble ourselves, to seek His face, and to preach His precious Gospel in partnership together.

This groundbreaking TCC Radio special broadcast will take you both in the studio and on the street to lift high the Name of Jesus Christ…and the need for local missionaries who will do the same.

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