By definition, “breaking the sound barrier” means that an object has enough force to push through the barrier created by the speed of sound. Once this force has been accomplished, sound waves no longer build up in front of the object.

For TCC,”breaking the sound barrier” is an inside term we use to describe what happens when the Spirit of God gives a Christ-follower sufficient boldness and unction to push through the barrier of fear and pride to preach the Gospel open air for the very first time. Once this force has been accomplished, fear and pride no longer have a grip on the Gospel preacher.
Congratulations to Nick Platt from London, Ontario, Canada as he is the very first preacher to be featured in this brand new TCC street segment called “Breaking the Sound Barrier with The Cross Current”! Special thanks to TCC videographer, Kevin Nisbet for putting this together.

This footage was recorded this past Good Friday (CLICK HERE for the full story)