Transhumanism. Heard of it? It’s a growing philosophical movement among leading entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, politicians, and futurists.

If you can believe it, these “cultural kingpins” are actually putting their faith in the future of humanity living in what they are calling a post-human world.

In this fascinating – and frightening – series, we will first be in the studio to hear from Dr. David Herbert, author of “Becoming God” and an expert on the topic of transhumanism. Then, as always, we will also take the truth from the studio to the street to hear what you have to say about the subject.

Finally, we will open God’s Word together to reinforce the foundational biblical truth that our unfailing hope of immortality is found only in Jesus Christ.

Listen to the teaser trailer for this series now!

Part 1: Trans Who?

Who or what is transhumanism? In this first part of our series we define the term, track the history of the movement, and take the topic to the streets to hear what everyday Canadians have to say about it.

Experience (Unedited) Extras!

We talked to lots of people throughout the production of this series. CLICK HERE to experience unedited extras and more fascinating street segments surrounding this subject of transhumanism and the Gospel.