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E-Tools Newsletter | September 2011

Welcome to our E-Tools Newsletter for September 2011! This monthly TCC field report also includes strategic outreach resources to encourage, equip, and empower you to more effectively share the Gospel with all the loved ones in your life as we faithfully serve Christ in Canada together. – “WHAT IF?”…GOD DID! Please allow me to reminisce. It was Spring of 2007 and the scene was ...

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Report from the Field

Wow!!!  What a year it has been out in the streets of London, Ontario.  Our gracious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has been mighty to bring labourers and  people that are lost to intersect each and every Friday night this whole year long.  Harvest Bible Chapel – London  has really stepped up and provided many, many new evangelists who both demonstrate a burden for the ...

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Turning Minds 180!

This past June, six evangelists from our team attended the Living Waters Ambassadors Academy in Los Angeles, California. In addition to enjoying personal mentoring from several of the most experienced street preachers across North America, we also had the privilege of taking part in the very first private screening of the powerful “180 Movie” with the other 50+ evangelists onsite. Suffice to say, after ...

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The Heart of the Gospel

The greatest need of our lost and dying world is not more Christian politicians, businessmen, or social reformers – it’s more Gospel preachers. Remember: it’s the foolish preaching of a crucified Saviour that is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes. Please listen carefully as John MacArthur beautifully communicates to Kirk Cameron the heart of the biblical Gospel.  ...

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Church Without Walls

Allow me to reminisce. It was Spring of 2007 and the scene was Victoria Park in the downtown core of London, Ontario (where our ministry is headquartered). TCC Senior Rep Jeff Mardling and I sat alone at a picnic table in the park dreaming together about “what if?”… What if?… What if the entire church gathered together to worship and to be Christ’s witnesses ...

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