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Making Every Day Count in 2012!

Living Everyday Evangelism Have you read about D.L. Moody’s inspiring commitment to live a life of everyday evangelism? I encourage you to read all about it on my friend Steve Sanchez’ blog here. I have made a personal pact to live a life of everyday evangelism. Not only have I committed this to the Lord, but I also figure that the more people I ...

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We Wish You a Merry…WHAT?

Ever experienced the Christ of Christmas causing offense in our “happy holiday” culture? Preach the real reason for the season open air and you sure will! Watch the funny way that this holiday heckler wishes me a “Merry Christmas”. I also have to wonder what kind words and gestures he has for saying “Happy New Year” too! ~ Cory  ...

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A Biblical Battle Plan for Faithful Street Ministry

Artur Pawlowski. Street Church. Are these names ringing a bell? Depending on your theological convictions, they may be actually sounding an alarm. Many Canadian Christians already know about brother Artur’s “evangelistic escapades” in Calgary, Alberta, over the past six years—actions which have lead to his repeated injunctions, fines, and arrests. A recent National Post article gave him national (and international) attention as he voiced ...

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A Miracle Turns Ten!

Ten years ago today, at 8:46am, a miracle by the name of Joshua Samuel McKenna was born into the world. A funny face! After the health-related loss of our first son, Canaan James Nolan, we were medically counseled not just to avoid having children – but even to abort the second unborn baby with which my wife was now pregnant. Suffice to say, the ...

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