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Got Religion? | Part 1 of 4

Part 1: We All Got It!

Many modern skeptics claim that God and religion are just western ideas for the ignorant and weak-minded. However, both Scripture and human history confirm that we all “got religion” in the sense that we all instinctively worship someone or something. In this part 1 of our series we take you in the studio and on the street to faithfully proclaim the only true God Who is worthy of all our worship in hope that He reconciles all of our listeners into a personal and saving relationship with Himself.

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Christmas Conversation Starters

We all want to spend eternity with those we love most in this world – our family and friends. Yet, we all know that our lost loved ones are often the most challenging to evangelize due to the fact that there is so much to lose if things don’t go well! However, as you enjoy a little holiday hang-time this season, here are five ...

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Got Religion? | Series Synopsis + Trailer

Religion. Some people can’t get enough of it … and some don’t even want to talk about it. Others would even claim that religion is the root of all evil! Over 90% of the world’s population adheres to some form of religion. Yet, it’s becoming increasingly more common to use the term “religion” as synonymous with “private superstition” that has no place in public discourse.

In this sacred series of TCC Radio, we again take you in the studio and on the street with our outreach radio team to talk truth about who is “religious” and who is not. In light of eternity, Christians must learn to graciously expose the lie that our religion is just one of many ways to God … when the One we are following publicly proclaimed and proved to be the only way.

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It’s All Good! | Part 4 of 4

Part 4: Up To No Good

How is it possible for a supposed Atheist to say they are a “very good person” without having an objective standard for what “good” is? If morality is merely “common sense”, where does that “common sense” come from to make it “common”? In this Gospel conversation, our TCC radio rep corrects with gentleness to expose the fact that all people are absolutely “up to no good” compared to the one true God.

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It’s All Good! | Part 3 of 4

Part 3: Is God’s Grace Good?

Is God’s grace truly good or is it just a cheap bargaining chip to cash in on whenever it’s convenient? Can someone lie and steal without being “labeled” as a liar or a thief? This time we’re giving you a “two in one special” as our radio rep shares two compelling Gospel conversations in just one episode.

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