On behalf of our entire GO Canada 150 team, we thank God for all those co-labourers in Christ who prayed for and gave to our milestone Ottawa mission this past Canada Day!

Here is just sampling of the many testimonies God graciously grew in the hearts of His faithful servants this past July 1st, 2017:

MattH_GOTeamFirst-time GO Team missionary, Matt H., shares: “Being my first time out with the group, it was an incredible experience to see how the Lord was working in our favour throughout the entire weekend. For starters, after one of our team members locked our keys inside the vehicle, the Lord provided us with the proper tools to break into our own van so we could continue our trip. One of the main ways that I personally felt God working was His providing me with courage to witness. This being my first time participating in street evangelism, I was very fearful of giving Gospel tracts to complete strangers, not knowing how they might react. At the beginning of the day I was still very nervous and held back by fear, but God gave me the faith and strength needed to help hand out over 45,000 tracts to people who needed to hear His Word! I am very thankful to God for this incredible experience. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that He had His hand on throughout the entire time.”

BeckyO_GOTeamGO Team newcomer, Becky O., humbly admits: “I am an introvert, and a people-pleaser; I hate conflict and hate failure or the feeling of failure.  So, street evangelism would seem to provide the perfect anecdote to the ungodly extremes of these qualities. I have felt a nervous desire for some time to go out on a Friday night with the team.  I know I need to grow in the area of regularly, succinctly sharing the cross and the reason for the hope that is in me.  I know the only way I am going to grow is to just start doing it, and to be around others who are sharing their faith.  Canada Day was a perfect opportunity to begin pressing in and dying to self a little.  I mostly smiled and tied balloons to tiny wrists, but I know it was the first step of obedience in the journey God has for me — for me to decrease, and for Him to increase.”

PaulD_GOTeamGO Team veteran, Paul D., testifies: “This past March I received this email:

Hello. I just wanted to send you a message thanking you for giving me a Bible a few years ago. You might not remember me, but you stopped me in Victoria Park once and explained some things and ended the conversation with giving me a Bible, and that really was good, and ever since I have become a Christian, and attend Sunday Services at Church and am getting Baptized in June. I just wanted to thank you for leading me on the right path, and leading me to the truth, that Jesus is the LORD my God, and all of the truth of scripture. It really has changed my life. Thank you.

I was stunned. It was such an encouragement to hear how the Lord had used our Friday night evangelism team when so often we get no response at all. During the Canada Day outreach I was approached by a young man who wanted to talk to me. As we began to talk, he pulled a tattered blue and white paperback Bible from his bag and I knew exactly who he was – he was the guy from the email. What a gracious thing God did that day, almost like pulling back the curtain just a little bit to give us a glimpse of what he is doing through us as ambassadors for Jesus Christ our King.”

Be encouraged that because of your partnership, The Cross Current was also able to equip 10 churches in 8 cities to sow over 80,000 Gospel seeds across Canada!

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