Hello again, everyone.

This posting is for all Christ-followers who have a personal desire to learn how to more biblically and effectively defend and confirm the Gospel.

As many of you know, God brought a group of TCC evangelists and Sye TenBruggencate of Sinner Ministries together this past June at the Living Waters Ambassadors Academy in Los Angeles, California. (You can read our July and August E-Tools Newsletters to learn more about how God is growing our relationship with Sye.)

Right: Todd Friel of Wretched Radio (left) with Apologist Sye TenBruggencate of Sinner Ministries

Sye is an expert in the area of presuppositional apologetics and he offers powerful training to equip the average, everyday believer to defend their faith with anyone and everyone in our culture. Sye has been a guest on the Living Waters “On the Box” internet TV program, he has been featured in numerous debates with top “Atheists”, and he is also currently writing a book on this subject. In short…he knows his stuff!

Well, we’ve FINALLY been able to pin Sye down long enough to have him as a guest on TCC Radio and also bring him in to train our TCC team – and anyone else who desires to get better equipped for Gospel proclamation in our culture! The Bible says to ALWAYS be ready to give an answer for your faith – no matter whether you’re asked by a fifth-grader…or a philosopher! And Sye is graciously willing to give his time to teach us how simply and biblically. So please clear your calendar and join us for this special time of personal training with Sye TenBruggencate!

Here are the training time details and your personal preparation instructions:

Training Time

Date: Saturday, September 10th
Time: 9am to 12pm
Location: Compass Community Church – 345 Pond Mills Rd, London ON (CLICK HERE FOR A MAP)
Cost: We want to bless Sye with a generous love offering. $10.00 is the suggested “starting” donation for all attendees, but please feel free to give beyond as the Lord leads!

Preparation Instructions

All attendees are encouraged to take the initiative to build a basic foundation for what Sye will be sharing. Here are 3 steps to prep for this training.

1. First go to Sye’s multimedia page by CLICKING HERE.
2. Scroll down the page and watch all 4 episodes of the “Proving God” Series with Eric Hovind
3. Watch: Sye’s “Guest Appearance “On the Box” – June 01, 2011″ (immediately following the above series with Eric Hovind)

Confirmation Requirements

Hopefully you’re “getting the vibe” that not only is this VERY important training for all of us as believers, but it’s also answered prayer!

In closing, for planning purposes, it would be VERY helpful if you could email us at: [email protected] to confirm your attendance.

Please be praying for the overall fruitfulness of this equipping time together!

In Christ,