CMcK_NewCory McKenna is Founding President of The Cross Current, Host of TCC Radio, and Pastor of Local Missions at Harvest Bible Chapel London.

Cory has advanced and given a defense of the Gospel through one-to-one witnessing and open air preaching in many major cities across North America.

Cory is an experienced church and conference speaker who specializes in equipping evangelists and their churches by example to be Christ’s witnesses together.

After serving as a volunteer with The Cross Current since our ministry founding in 2007, TCC is now on campaign to commission Cory as our first full-time equipping evangelist in Canada.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can pray, give, and go with us on our first commissioning campaign

Cory and his wife Dawn live in London, Ontario with their two sons, Joshua and Caleb.

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Jeff Mardling is volunteer Field Rep Coordinator with TCC Radio

Jeff’s call and passion is to herald the Gospel at every opportunity and to equip average, every day Christ-followers to more faithfully do the work of an evangelist.

Jeff was a graduate of the very first TCC Witnessing Workshop and has been serving alongside Cory McKenna to equip evangelism street teams ever since.

Jeff serves as a pre-arrangement director at a funeral home in Ridgetown, Ontario where he lives with his wife Susan and their three sons: Cameron, Joel, and Noah.

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ChrisWood_HeadshotChris Wood is a volunteer TCC Radio Field Representative and Senior Gospel Outreach  Team Leader with The Cross Current.

Chris is passionate about growing in Christ through faithful proclamation of the Gospel and equipping fellow disciples of Christ to grow also in this.

Chris has been involved with The Cross Current from the beginning, serving faithfully in radio show production, on the street training, and interview recording.

Chris has been a Christian since 2007 and is currently enrolled in Seminary, leads a small group at his Church, and also preaches regularly at the local men’s mission.

Chris and his wife Filomena live in London, Ontario with their two children, Isaac and Rachel.

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ChrisWagler_BioPic_2015_EDITEDChris Wagler is a volunteer TCC Radio Field Representative and Senior Gospel Outreach Team Leader with The Cross Current.

Chris is excited to proclaim the Gospel in his local mission field and to point people to Jesus Christ. He also desires to see the Gospel go the ends of the earth.

Chris is a graduate of our Church Champions Training and has spent much mentoring time on the streets with our leadership team. He now leads his own weekly street witnessing team and disciples Christ-followers from his local church in Gospel proclamation.

Chris and his wife Rosalind live in Brunner, Ontario with their two sons, Kaiden and Kylar, and daughter Danika.

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EricS_HeadshotEric Schneider is a volunteer TCC Radio Field Representative and Senior Gospel Outreach Team Leader with The Cross Current.

Eric is passionate about proclamation and defense of the Gospel, and making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Eric was saved in college after being confronted with the truth of the Gospel. He represents TCC Radio on the streets and leads a team of street evangelists weekly to proclaim the Gospel. He also trains and equips members of his own church to share and defend the Gospel biblically.

Eric lives in New Hamburg, Ontario with his wife Meghan and their two daughters, Alice and Hazel.

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