JBootEffective ministries and leaders who are preaching, teaching and engaging at the intersection of gospel and culture are not common in our time – but Cory McKenna and his organization, The Cross Current, is certainly one of them. With a persuasive apologetic, courage and power, Cory and his team at TCC take a faithful and biblical gospel from the sidewalk to the sound-waves, demonstrating and vindicating the truth and abiding relevance of the gospel to our apostate age. But TCC is more than an evangelistic ministry. It is also skillfully equipping pastors and leaders to train every believer to fulfil the mandates of Matthew 28: 18-20 and 1 Peter 3: 15 with integrity. I commend to you the man, his message and this badly needed ministry to help equip God’s church for witness in an hour of great opportunity! – Rev. Joe Boot | Founding Pastor of Westminster Chapel and Founder of Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity

RFangrad_CMIThe Cross Current ministry is a dynamic and faithful team that stands firmly on the authority of God’s word and boldly proclaims the Gospel of Christ.  It is a much needed ministry here in Canada. – Richard Fangrad | CEO, Creation Ministries International


GSaundersAs Christian parents of three boys, we love listening to The Cross Current Radio show in the car with our kids. Our kids love to hear the street evangelism and the opinions / beliefs of people in their city. I enjoy the conversations it sparks with the kids. It gives us a chance to talk about what other people believe and think, and how much they need Jesus. On a personal level, listening to the street evangelism filled with love, compassion and a genuine desire to share the gospel, has inspired and equipped me ‎in sharing my faith. – Gary Saunders | London, ON

CLeatherdaleThe first time I heard TCC Radio was during the drive to youth group to drop off my kids. Intrigued by this type of ministry that goes “out to the people and onto the streets“, sparking spiritual conversation that leads to “sharing the Gospel” was amazing to me and inspired me. TCC Radio models and equips us to go where the people are (your loved ones too) and share God’s Word! The tools, analogies, and scriptures taught on TCC Radio are building blocks for evangelism and for the confidence to obey what He has charged us ALL to do – “go” and share the Gospel. God has broken through my own mindset about gospel sharing through TCC Radio. I’m so thankful for this ministry that has tremendously impacted my life through the teachings, and demonstrating how to embrace spreading the Good News! I encourage all of you to listen, learn and GO! – Corina Leatherdale | London, ON