Ten years ago today, at 8:46am, a miracle by the name of Joshua Samuel McKenna was born into the world.

A funny face!

After the health-related loss of our first son, Canaan James Nolan, we were medically counseled not just to avoid having children – but even to abort the second unborn baby with which my wife was now pregnant. Suffice to say, the miracle-working God that we love and serve had a very special surprise to share!

After a roller-coaster pregnancy of persistent prayer and clinging to the promises of God, Joshua was born on December 9th, 2001 – healthy and happy…and, well, just a little strange (like his dad!).

The same funny face…a decade later.

While the story surrounding his safe and miraculous arrival could fill volumes in terms of it’s impact on our life and ministry, I just felt led of the Lord to give simple thanks for this special day.

I also thought you might enjoy this Christmas Gospel presentation, courtesy of Joshua, when he was only 6 years old…preach it, little buddy!

[wpaudio url =”https://www.thecrosscurrent.com/audio/JoshuaSamuel_Gospel.mp3″ text = “The Gospel…with faith like a child.”]

~ Cory McKenna