Good News of Great Joy! (Part 4 of 4)

Part 4: Relaying Good News of Great Joy

“And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen, as it had been told them” (Luke 2:20). In this fourth and final episode we challenge all of God’s sheep to be like those shepherds by relaying His good news of great joy to others.

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Good News of Great Joy! (Part 2 of 4)

Part 2: Receiving Good News of Great Joy

Suffice to say we have a lot to learn from those supposedly simple shepherds who watched their flocks on that very first Christmas night. While Bethlehem was hustling and bustling with crowds of people, the shepherds chose to chill out where it was calm and quiet. Will you choose to do the same and receive afresh God’s good news of great joy?

Series Synopsis


Help Us Bring Good News of Great Joy!

Glad Tidings from The Cross Current! We are now approaching nine years of faithfully “going” with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets, churches, and homes in Canada. By God’s grace and through many prayers and donations, 6 radio stations now play our weekly outreach program and churches continue to be equipped to regularly share the Gospel with family and friends. We trust ...

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Good News of Great Joy! (Part 1 of 4)

Do you know that Christmas can be the most wonderful time of year for sharing Christ?

In this outreach radio series, you’ll hear several real-time conversations on the street with non-Christians surrounding the subject of Christmas, along with their reaction to the Good News of great joy that a Saviour has been born!

TCC Radio host Cory McKenna will also be closing out each episode in the studio by sharing quick tips for keeping Christ in Christmas with family and friends, along with hints from Scripture to help us all make the most of Christmas in our life and witness this season.

Remember: the greatest and most miraculous “good” of the Good News is God Himself!

Part 1: Revealing Good News of Great Joy

Have you ever thought about why Mary, Joseph, the wise men, and the shepherds all worshipped at the feet of baby Jesus while the rest of the world somehow “missed the memo” and was hopelessly distracted with business as usual? In this part 1 our series we trust the truth of God’s Word will help you relax with the commercial chaos as you reach out with the Christ of Christmas this holiday season.